The last night

It was the night before the new working week. We had rather active weekend both in terms of sex life and other weekend activities. Our sex life is usually much more active on weekends. So we got into the bed around 11 p.m. and fell asleep shortly after that. But around 4 a. m. I woke up and felt that I got an erection. My wife was fast asleep and I didn’t want to bother her. That’s my problem; My sex drive in on its maximum in the middle of the night when my wife is not ready for it. She usually has no sexual drive at this time. But my sexual desire was rather strong and I couldn’t get back to sleep again. I needed a proper sexual gratification. So I decided to masturbate to get a relief. I began gently stroking my penis trying not to wake up my wife. However I couldn’t come because the intensity of   stroking wasn’t enough. So I proceeded jerking off more energetically. But that caused bed vibrations which woke up my wife. She quickly took in what had made her woken up. She reached out to my penis and began stroking it back and forth. Since she was woken up anyway I decided to do it in a proper way. We were both without underpants what made it easier. I quickly climbed on her and penetrated. Since she was going to have her days soon, her low part of the stomach was sensitive so I tried to do it quickly. Her wet and worm pussy did its job and in a couple of minutes I withdrew and came on her stomach. I wiped her with my T-short and kissed her. I felt sexually satisfied well enough and a few minutes later we were both fast asleep. 


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