A big argument two weeks ago 

Our sexual life is far away from ideal. We are both like sex. But our sexual needs have differences. I’ve read recently that an average pair of our age has sex about one time per week which is too rare for me. I have an erection and a desire every night. For my wife one or two times per week is more suitable. We have two children and a disabled mother in law living with us so my wife has enough chores to do before the bed time. And when she goes to bed she falls asleep the moment her head touches a pillow and she’s usually fast asleep until the very morning.  So she prefers to have sexual activities over weekend in the morning and at a daytime. As a result I often find myself lying on the bed in the middle of the night with my cock erected and full of unsatisfied desire and with my wife sleeping deeply next to me. That really makes me feel bitter. We had discussed the issue several times but we could do little to change our sexual life patterns. The same thing happened two weeks ago on Friday. I was lying in our bed awake thinking about our sexual imbalances, my wife was sleeping next to me. The working week was tough so I had drunk a good portion of alcohol at the dinner to relax and that made my emotions run high. At one moment my wife woke up and tried to get closer to me. But I rejected her move in a rather cruel way and started criticize her attitude to our sex life. I was cruel and unfair but I couldn’t stop myself. Our conversation quickly escalated into a severe fight. My wife broke in tears. We both felt empty and devastated. We made it up in the morning and had good sex over the weekend. The next week my wife tried to do her best at nights and I felt ashamed for my Friday drunk night fury. 

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6 thoughts on “A big argument two weeks ago 

    1. I mean we have sex nearly every day and two or three times per day on weekends but she had no orgasm on weekdays it’s just for my pleasure, she comes on weekends usually, though sometimes when we both in a romantic mood I can make her come on weekdays too.


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