We did it again 

On weekdays my personal sex life doesn’t stop but it’s different. My wife doesn’t have her orgasms on weekdays because she has low sex drive at these part of week so the pleasure is all mine but of cause it’s only half great because of it. On Monday evening we went to bed early as usual and my wife was fast asleep in five minutes or less. I watched some serial on my Mac a little, sipping red wine and in half an hour fell into a deep sleep. I was having a nightmare where a poisonous snake tried to get inside my car and I tried to prevent it. Then I felt something pleasant  down at my stomach and woke up. I look down and saw that my wife had dipped under a sheet close to my crotch and took my dick into her mouth. Actually I’m not a big fan of a blowjob, I prefer classic penetration but this time it felt good. I was still very sleepy maybe because of red wine that I had drunk just before the bedtime. So I just relaxed for a while. My wife was sucking hard and my penis began to respond gratefully. My erection doesn’t too hard nowadays at least not that hard as it was in my twenties or thirties.  But this time it’s got really hard. I could feel it. So I reached my wife and pulled her up on the pillow. Then I grabbed her pussy and squeezed it feeling her soft wet labia. I couldn’t wait any longer and climbed on her quickly thrusting my harder-than-usual penis inside. I began my work and lasted about five minutes. Then the climax came and I withdrew and poured on my wife’s crotch. After that I hugged my wife from behind and we fell asleep. 

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