Morning sex

We slept deeply all the night. My wife woke up before me around 6 p.m. which is a bit unusual because she’s a longer sleeper than me. She moved closer to me, hugged me and began kissing me. At the same time she began stroking my penis and my balls. I got a good erection in no moment. I climbed on her, kissed her and pushed my penis inside her. I slowly began pushing in and out. My wife stroked and squeezed my buttocks. Then she began moving her crotch up towards my penis and speaking dirty talks and teasing me that many men have bigger penises and stronger erections. I couldn’t last too long and ejaculated on her stomach. She didn’t have an orgasm. She usually doesn’t come at early morning since she needs several hours to wake up fully and become in the mood for good sex and orgasm. But after our argument two weeks ago she’s trying to do her best to satisfy me at nights and early mornings to fix up our sexual life. 

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