Twice a night but with poor orgasms

In spite of rather frequent sex I can’t boast that my personal sex life has a perfect harmony. Tonight I fucked my wife twice, first in the night and second in the morning. We woke around 2 a.m. and made a quickie. I didn’t use condom so I   withdraw and came on her stomach. And in the morning she began jerking my penis which ended in full sex. I had to put on a condom so there was no need to pull out. Unfortunately in both times my orgasms were weak, flat, without bright sensations and emotions. I have had this issue with my orgasms for several years. I don’t experience good fulfilling satisfaction any longer. And that makes my real sex life miserable. I think there are many reasons here which cause this problem. First we got used too much to each other. Second I’m aging and my ability to experience bright orgasms declines. Then I think I have too much sex and it would be probably better to make it less frequent. And the last but not least our daily routine and absence of romance make our sex life boring. 

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