She had an orgasm this morning 

There are spouses or pairs who both have orgasms every time they make sex. Unfortunately it’s not the case of my sex life. That’s why when my wife gets her orgasm I feel different and have much deeper sexual gratification. Yesterday our daughter got a cold so today my wife took a leave for several days to take care about our child. Since I usually drop my wife at her office we were able to stay longer at bed. When the sun rose and lit up our bedroom we woke up and began cuddling, kissing and touching each other’s intimate places. Our daughter woke up too and was not far away so we went to our bathroom to have some privacy. We took a big soft blanket, dropped it on the bath floor and lay on it. We kept kissing and hugging. I asked her to put a contraception suppository into her vagina so I could come inside. We don’t use it often, I usually withdraw. But this morning I wanted to have a brighter orgasm. I complained her about my miserable orgasms and we decided to have less sex at the next week to become hungry by the next weekend. Meanwhile I put penis into my wife and began my work. We kept kissing and speaking dirty talks. In several minutes she reached her hand down and started stimulating her clitoris. I lift my upper body up a little to give her more space for caressing her little hot thing. I kept pushing hard inside her vagina and she worked on her clitoris. In several minutes she began makng loud moans, her head began moving from side to side, she spread her legs wide and up and began doing chaotic moves with her thighs and feet, looking straight into my eyes and saying bad dirty words. Her orgasms are always strong, loud and bright and very vibrant. Then she went calm and I lay on her for a while not moving and letting her catch her breath. Then I began to fuck her energetically again and she began telling me dirty things about having sex with other men to make me feel hot and jealous. It worked and I ejaculated into her hard. This time it was good. So my real sex life is not that bad as I sometimes think.

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