We have sex during her days

Well, the weekend is over and I’ll write what happened. Some couples stop their sex life when a wife has her period. I woke up on Saturday at about 8 a.m. and reached to my wife who was still asleep. I got an erection and wanted to have sex with her. So I began touching her everywhere. I put my hand down on her crotch and found out that she had her underwear on. Since she usually sleeps without underpants with her pussy naked and ready for my penis it could mean only one thing; her days had begun. They were late this time and my wife even began being anxious about it. I was a little bit upset because I wanted my wife and now most likely I was going to have sexless weekend. Her first day is usually very painful and we go on our sex life on her third day or later. That began exactly this way; In a hour or so she got a terrible pain at the low part of her stomach. I brought her painkiller pill and she took it and in half an hour she felt much better and in about an hour the pain was gone. We got up, had our breakfast and did some home chores. I went to the bathroom and began shaving. In some time my wife came in, hugged me and said that she wanted me. The irony is that my wife has the maximal sexual appetite exactly at first days of her menstrual cycle after that it begins declining . So if she feels okay and doesn’t have pain we make sex. I have no issues with having sex when my wife’s vagina is bleeding. I love my wife no matter what, love her pussy, her ass. Two or three times I fucked her into her back door. So we are both open about it and have no complexes about having sex life during her days. I asked her if she was sure that that would be comfortable to her. She confirmed and brought a blanket and spread it over the bathroom floor, we closed the door and began kissing, hugging and grabbing each other at our intimate places. She began breathing heavily so I wouldn’t wait any longer and we lay down on the blanket. I climbed over her and inserted my penis deep inside my wife, she moaned. I went on kissing and hugging her and began my moves back and forth. We both began to tell dirty things. I moved my upper body a little bit up and my wife started stroking her clitoris. My wife is a slow player, though most women need enough time to reach their climax. So I went on doing my business in her vagina and she was stroking her clitoris very hard. I began telling her a very dirty fantasy about her having sex with another man. It worked and she gave me a lustful crazy look and began moaning, half shouting, pushing me with her cunt and fussing with her feet trying to get all the pleasure from her orgasm. She experienced her climax for fifteen or twenty seconds and then relaxed on the blanket. Now it was my turn. I pounded her hard with my dick sliding in and out her wet menstruating cunt. She told some dirty thing and I couldn’t hold it any longer, I pulled my red penis out and released my sperm onto her stomach. Then I took a towel and carefully cleaned my wife’s speed legs and her pussy. Then we lay for a while hugging each other and resting after a good fuck. 

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