Twice in the morning 

Our average sex per week is too high. It’s about 8-10 times. I know that many men even much younger than me make it not so often. I think they are right. Quantity doesn’t mean quality. Well, every time in the beginning of the new week I promise myself to slow my sex life down and keep off my wife’s pussy at least until the end of the week. It would make our sex like more fresh and vibrant. My orgasms could be stronger and brighter, my erection harder. And every time I break my promise. Yesterday I felt tired in the evening and fell asleep unusually early at 9.30 p.m. I woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep. I stirred from one side to another but insomnia didn’t want to go away. My wife was fast asleep, her breath deep and calm. I couldn’t tell the same about my penis. By 6 a.m. it was hard. Finally I began stroking my wife’s body tenderly. She felt my moves and opened her eyes. She knew what I needed. “Wait a second I need to go to pee,” she whispered. When she got back in the bed she took off her panties and spread her thighs. She was still sleepy so I quickly climbed on her and put my tool inside. I began pushing her in a forceful energetic way and concentrated my mind on pleasant feelings that my penis received  inside my wife’s vagina. Soon I came outside on my wife’s stomach. Now I felt sleepy and my insomnia finally retreated and I fell asleep relaxed and satisfied. We woke up again at half past eight and I had more than an hour before going to work. So we began kissing and hugging, my wife took my penis in her hand and began stroking it. Than we moved to the bathroom which often serves as our sex refuge. There’s a high wide mirror here and my wife likes to look at it when we make love. So I threw a blanket on the bathroom floor. We took off our underwear, kissed and hugged. I wanted to put a condom because I like to come inside my wife and don’t like to withdraw because it kills half the pleasure of my orgasm. But she asked me to start without condom because she likes to feel bare skin of man’s penis inside her pussy. So she lay on her back and spread her legs and I penetrated. I started moving my dick back and forth and she began stimulating her clit. It took some time for her to come close to her orgasm.  To help her do her business I asked her to imagine two lovers in a hotel room making love , imagine a sound of man’s penis squeezing inside and out of a woman, imagine a scent of man’s penis and woman’s vagina secretions mixed together. At that moment she made her loud orgasm. I waited a little then drew my penis out and put on a condom on it. Then I retrieved it back inside my wife and began my way to the orgasm. My wife helped me by moving her vagina towards my dick and telling dirty talks. So I didn’t last long and came staying inside. After that we took a bath and helped each other to take a shower and wash our heads. The new day started good. 

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