Great sex on the last week

All last week my wife spent at home being on a leave because of our daughter’s cold. It changed my schedule too. Because usually I drop my wife to her office and after that I go to my fitness club. Last week however I went lazy and slept long being unable to move early from our bed and my wife’s hairy hot cunt. So it changed our sex life pattern for a while. My wife usually has her orgasms on weekends. But last week we had more time to feed properly her pussy too. We did it twice every day. First one in early morning hours we did it for me. She was sleepy and I just fucked her for about ten minutes and come on her belly. Then we slept until about 8.30 a.m., wake up and at that time I first tended carefully her pussy. The best sex was on Thursday morning. The day before I had invited my wife to a cooking school for a master class. We had a great time there, we cooked and ate together some delicious food, we drank good red wine. The atmosphere was very warm and friendly. Doing pleasant things together increases sex drive in both spouses. We came home satisfied and tired and fell asleep hugging each other right at once. We woke up in the morning still being in a romantic mood. We began kissing, teasing our sexual appetite. I took my wife to the bathroom, dropped a blanket on the floor. I touched her vulva and understood that there was no need to play with her any longer; Het vagina was very wet and hungry. So put my wife on her back and energetically penetrated inside. The feeling of her wet and hungry cunt was absolutely perfect. We both began moving, she spread her legs wide and began masturbating. She reached her orgasm in a couple of minutes, I got my orgasm just a minute later. The sex and climax was great. 

So if you want to make your spouse in mood and experience a great orgasm, forget about sex positions. Make it romantic instead. Here some good ideas how to increase your wife’s sexual drive Romantic ways to improve your sex satisfaction

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