Spontaneous sex is the best one 

Our sex life pattern is early morning sex on weekdays and late morning sex on weekends. Sometimes there are rare exceptions but in general our sex life goes this way. The pattern has been built up as a result of our everyday life circumstances and my and my wife sexual physiology. But I know from my personal sex experience that best sex happens when you don’t plan it and it happens spontaneously. Yesterday I came from my work slightly tired, had my dinner and lay on our bedroom with a glass of red wine to read a little on my Mac. My wife was busy with some home chores for a while and walked in and out of our bedroom wearing only tiny half transparent negligee. Her ripe tits were half open and teased me moving up and down as she walked by. Finally she finished her chores and came back to the bedroom and lay down very close to me. She asked me for a sip of red wine and then her hands twisted around my neck and body. I knew that she felt horny. Feeling that, my sexual appetite began growing too. We began kissing. I brushed lightly her pussy and my fingers became wet with her vagina secretion. She said, “I want you.” “I want you too!”, I replied. “Let’s go to the bathroom and do it.” We took a blanket and retreated to our bathroom which serves very often as our sex heaven when we want to have the absolute  privacy. There was some sexual chemistry in the air yesterday because we both felt aroused. We didn’t do a long foreplay. I squeezed her buttocks and kissed her nipples which turned firm and dark; The blood filled them hard. The strong sexual chemistry began flowing through the air. My penis slid inside her cunt and we began fucking. She was wet, I was firm. It didn’t take long, in less than five minutes she got her orgasm which was good. I went on thrusting her with my dark purple dick while she was having her climax. Soon after her my turn came and I released my sperm on her hairy crotch, my body twitching together with the spasms running through my penis. We lay on the blanket exhausted and fully satisfied. After we came back to the bedroom we fell asleep immediately and slept deeply through all the night. I woke up refreshed and during the next two morning hours we did twice again. 

So if you want to refresh your sex life, do it sometimes spontaneously and here some advise about it Ways to make spontaneous sex

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