Sex in the forest (the last summer occasion) 

Most of us live our lives according established routine patterns. Our daily activities, commutes and other events of our life are designed by our life styles. That means we repeat a certain circle of things the same way everyday. It may be good for some things but it definitely does harm to others. For example, take our sex life. If you make sex exactly on schedule every Saturday evening at 11 p.m.  then sooner or later it will be turned in boring routine hardly bringing much sexual satisfaction and joy. On the other hand, try to remember your feelings when you had sex  not according your daily routine, for example, on vacation at a hotel or in a locked compartment of a long distance train. Making love in such unusual places somehow brings us fresh emotions and make our feelings more passionate and intense. Here is some ideas about unusual places to have sex, byt don’t take them too seriously. You can produce your own better ideas. My sexual appetite begins suddenly growing while I walk with my wife in a forest. On summers weekends we often go out to our small wooden summer house a hundred miles off from the city. The house is surrounded by a genuine wild forest. There are mooses and wild hogs at the forest who sometimes come several hundred feet close to the house. The air is thick with oxygen and wonderfully fresh in comparison with the city. The ground is covered with a thick layer of old dry grass and feels like a gigantic mattress decorated with bright red berries. When I’m walking along with my wife around this place my sexual appetite begins growing quickly. A strange strong intimacy fills the air and a special sexual chemistry between the partners begins to produce. Once in the morning of  the last summer we went to walk around. We took some food, fresh water and I put a light blanket in the bag. The weather was fine; The sun was bright on clearings but the air under the canopy of pines was cool and refreshing. It was a beginning of the summer so there wasn’t any mosquitoes in the air. We walked about half a mile into the forest and I noticed a suitable place half encircled by low bushes. I stopped and hugged my wife from behind and started kissing the back of her neck, grabbing and squeezing her tits. She turned to me and I slid my hand down and squeezed her pussy. It was absolutely wet. We just had started our fore play so her pussy just hadn’t enough time to get so soaked. That meant my wife got in the mood from the beginning of our walk and were looking forward for a fuck. I spread the blanket on the grass and ordered her to undress. I took off my clothes quickly and helped my wife to get rid of her bra and panties. We stood for a while kissing and grouping each other. Then I ordered her to stand into the doggy position. We usually begin in a missionary because it’s more comfortable for initial penetration but that time I wanted to start from doggy; She was so wet that there wouldn’t be any problem with entering. I was very hard and she began moaning the very moment I got inside. I worked my dick inside and out forcibly. Her oozing wet vagina made that specific squishing sounds which I so love to hear. I was afraid to get my orgasm too early because I was already on the verge of my climax. I put my glistening penis out and asked her to lie on her back. We proceeded in missionary. The feeling of fucking completely naked, outside in the forest, made us both absolutely crazy. There was a risk that someone could walk past us and see what we were doing. This thought made our minds feel especially lustful. My wife started stimulating her clit and before long she made a tremendously loud and energetic orgasm. Her vagina barely finished its spasms as I started coming too. I hardly managed to withdrew my dick and released my cum onto her stomach. We were both surprised by the amount and density of it. Then we just lay down silently, naked and tired and completely satisfied, listening to the sounds of the forest. 

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