My terrible first anal experience

We were in the middle of the process when she begged me to do it. It was solely her initiative. So far I neither hadn’t had any practical experience nor had felt any urge to do that thing. The room was tiny,  with the windows closed. After thirty minutes of physical activity the air was filled with body odors. Drops of sweat from our backs evaporated into the place. But the dominant smell was of a different nature. A wet pussy has its own smell. A man’s penis produces its own natural lubricant while massaging vagina. But the magic happens when  both of the liquids get rubbed into each other during the process of copulation. This blending breeds a brand new odor of a pure fuck, an odor of hungry sex drive. By that moment our bedroom was filled with that pungent smell. The sex drive was about at its maximum. She was standing on all fours in the doggy position. I was pushing and pulling back from behind. When the body of my penis was moving out, it dragged her inner labia outside her vagina. Her pussy was inflated with the tide of blood. We had been together for about two years and our sex life evolved from a dull sex in a missionary to the stage when I could shout while fucking her, “Do you like to suck men’s pricks, bitch? Answer me!” And she would said, “Yes, I like to suck their dicks!” Though it wasn’t a big deal because it was true. She loved to suck. Don’t get it wrong. It’s not that she liked to satisfy men by doing a blowjob. No, she just liked to scrutinize hard penises, feel them inside her mouth, weighing them in her palm, inhale their pungent aroma and lick their fore skin. It seemed like she envied that she herself didn’t have such a fascinating flexible toy which could grow that big or hang down, shrunken and weak after an orgasm. “Suck, suck, I want to suck it”, she turned her head at me. She freed her vagina from my penis, turned to me and still standing on all fours began sucking. Her eyes were closed, her cheeks bright red. Then she turned around into doggy again, lifting up her buttocks and lowering her upper body and head, demonstrating her sexual appetite. I leaned forward to her ass, spread her buttocks and began licking and kissing her ass, her vagina and the soft and wet skin between them. Her vulva was puffy and dark, filled with blood. She was eager to come. I stood up on my knees and took my penis preparing to put it inside. “In my ass, stick your dick in my ass!”, now she really was in her pre ecstatic state. I pressed the head of my tool into her hole. But it wouldn’t go any further. No surprise. Though I never fucked her into her anus, I was well aware of its shape and size perfectly well. Every time when we had sex I fingered her deeply. Sometimes I did it when we were doing it in missionary and I drilled her ass all the way until her orgasm. She loved to be stimulated simultaneously in both holes. Sometimes I put my finger in her ass during fore play while kissing her and she began moving her buttocks back and forth showing her pleasure and trying to encourage my action in her anus. Besides my fingers had had some previous encounters with other women’s anuses and I learned that her asshole was rather small and tight in comparison with other back doors. I would even have to put some efforts to get my finger passed inside her asshole. Though she never complained about any pain. Therefore this time I knew that my dick was hard and big and getting inside her anus would be going a taugh job. In the absence of any previous experience and useful theoretical knowledge, I decided to choose the most simple approach. Believing that my penis is greased enough with our natural liquids I pressed my penis tightly to her asshole, fixed her body holding her hips firmly with my hands and forced my dick inside. Yes, I managed to stretch her sphincter wide and my dick slid all the way inside her rectum…

In an instant my ears went deaf, so loud her shriek was. She leaped forward with such a charge as if I had put inside her asshole a live high voltage rod instead of my dick. It was a miracle that she didn’t hit the wall with her head. She jumped from the bed still shrieking, her palms squeezing her ass and rushed into the bathroom. I was stunned and confused still standing on my knees. My penis was quickly deflating and hung down limply. I followed into the bathroom. She was squatting on her heels in the bathtub, showering her anus with cold water. “Hurts like fire, god dam it, what a pain!,” she kept repeating, tears were rolling down her face that was distorted from pain. I came up and sat on the side of the bathtub trying to do my best to calm her down. In about half an hour the pain began going. We came back to the bed and hugged each other. There was no more sex at that night of course. Luckily her sphincter wasn’t ripped but still she pooped painfully for two weeks after that night. And we never tried anal sex again. 

Several years later I had a betterMy second anal experience . Here is a good guide how to do it properly, safely and painlessly How to make first anal sex properly


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