Getting on a new level of your sex life satisfaction takes time and maybe a piece of sexual magic

      I don’t say that one night stand or short term relations with a new partner are good for nothing. It could be thrilling and adventurous. No point to deny that when you are looking at a brand new person, naked and eager to have sex with you, it makes you particularly aroused. When your penis is slowly sliding inside its new warm home, when you learn for the first time how a woman’s voice sounds when she goes through her climax, you get astonished how unusually hard your penis is tonight. I personally adore to observe a woman, who I make sex for the first time with, standing in the doggy position in front of my shameless eyes and I am squeezing and pulling her butts slightly apart to see that desirable and defenseless at the current moment soft space. I love to feel her shyness of being watched by a new man, a stranger, for the first time. All vaginas, looking the same in general, have nevertheless their beautiful variations in their shape, color and especially scent. What could be more exciting than inhaling the aroma of a new wet pussy ready for taking your penis in?(of course nowadays the only home for my tool is my wife’s pussy but I’ve been around)
But I learned from my experience that truly hot things begin to happen in your sex life after you and your partner adjusted to each other for a longer period of time. Once in my late twenties I had been dating with a girlfriend for a year or so. By that time we had been meeting regularly and had sex three or four times per week. We practiced traditional missionary and doggy styles, sometimes she rode on me. Sex was good in general, maybe not perfect, but we awarded each other with enough sexual pleasure. One day we met at our friends place to celebrate the New Year. There were three couples and we had a lot of fun. Finally before going to beds our host put a porn tape on TV to play. We watched the movie for a while joking and laughing and then went to our beds. We felt enjoyed but tired. We did some quick sex trying not to make much noise and then we fell deeply asleep. We woke up early next morning. Something had changed between us. Some new sexual chemistry appeared. Even the air felt different. I don’t know what it was, New Year party or alcohol (though we didn’t drink too much). Maybe it was that porn that triggered some wild instincts inside us. 

My cock was ready to burst, I had never had such an erection before. My girlfriend had the same feeling . She was wet and wanted to fuck as if she had spent years solely on an uninhabited island. I crawled up on her and fucked her hard in a rough style, as if she was a whore, for maybe twenty minutes. She came several times covering her mouth with her palms to muffle her moaning. This time I whispered repeatedly, “Common, dirty bitch, do it! Open your battered cunt wide!” Finally her pussy, her butts and anus, bed sheets under her ass were greased with my sperm. We lay a little in the bed catching our breath and thinking about what had just happened. Then we got up, quickly dressed and moved to her place. After we walked in the apartment we undressed without words and walked directly into the bed. When we began to fuck we weren’t silent any longer. At that moment I suddenly grasped what had happened. We had lost our shyness. Totally. We could tell to each other any kind of dirty lustful things and we felt no shame. It went easy and naturally. We started talking about our most secret fantasies and desires. We were able to speak openly about our previous sex experiences without shyness. Instead of repeating endlessly dull missionary-doggy styles we began adding sexual plays. At that day she confessed me that she had had a fantasy of being gang banged by five men in a forest. So while fucking her I was telling her in a very detailed way how she got in a trap in a wood and was ordered to take the doggy position in the center of the circle of five men who forcefully had her many times by turn. She had an orgasm she never demonstrated me before. Next time we played that she was a prostitute in a brothel and she was satisfying a line of clients waiting their turn behind the door. She lay on the bed in the bedroom on her side, her back and naked ass to the door. I was waiting outside the door for her permission to come in. She then said, “Come in!” I walked in, lay along her and began fucking her from behind in a spoon position. After a couple of minutes I withdrew without coming and walked out of the room to start waiting behind the door. In some time she called briefly “Next!” I came inside and we did it all over again. We repeated it several times before having an orgasm and it made us horny as hell. Once in the morning I was laying on her and thrusting my dick inside. She said she wanted to go to pee. I responded that she could go there only with my penis staying inside her pussy and me following her. She stood up and I bent her upper body down and penetrated from behind. “Go!” And we walked with awkward short steps, my penis inside, to the toilet. There she sat down on the john and I put my dick into her mouth. She pissed and sucked at the same time. It was just a little number of fantasies and plays that we did. 

Our sex life changed completely. Of course, we didn’t do that stuff every time. Sometimes old good robust fuck in classical positions is all what you need to get your portion of happy sex. But after that New Year occasion our sex was never dull and boring. I believe this magical transformation of your ordinary sex life into relations that much more exciting and intimate is only possible when you have had sex with your partner for a rather long period of time. And you can’t reach it at a one night stand or a short relations. 

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