The hot sauna

Internet is full of free advice how to make a woman hot in the bed. They tell how important to do a proper foreplay, clit stimulation, tease sensitive spots on her body and use appropriate sex positions and other stuff more or less relevant to fuelling a passion in the bedroom. All these things are important. But I take these advice a bit offensive towards women. As if they were compared with Pavlov’s dogs: Rub here, push there, polish her clit, observe the result. If it didn’t work, kiss her left breast’s nipple. If it didn’t help also, make a call to your dealer.

I believe great sex starts inside of our minds. In most cases your first move is to stimulate woman’s imagination. Create romantic atmosphere. Set a proper environment. Don’t be shy to show up her your desire. However, sometimes there are situations when circumstances are such that she is not into sex whatever you try. Her mind is just totally busy with different thoughts which block her desire. On the other hand, there are situations, the rare ones, when you don’t have to make any efforts to spark up a desire in her mind. The natural course of events makes it instead of you. I have faced both of the sides of the coin recently.

Life sometimes looks like the zebra, black stripes follow white ones. Recently my family have found ourselves crawling through a black stripe. My mother-in-law was taken to a hospital in a rather bad condition considering her old age. My wife immediately got under mental and physical pressure. Being deeply stressed about the mother’s health she had been splitting her time between the home and the hospital. In a week she began feeling bad too. She got a flu. Nevertheless she went on standing in the hospital at nights and coming back home in mornings to do everyday chores. A severe bug, the kind that causes high temperature and vomiting, that our youngest daughter caught shortly after that, was the icing on the cake. I did my best to help but it was a bit too much on my wife’s plate. Needless to say that our sex life got suspended for an uncertain time.

Several weeks passed. Mother in law began showing signs of improvement. The daughter recovered from her bug. My wife mostly regained her health back too though she had lost some weight and looked and felt mentally exhausted. I had taken a week off to help her at home and drive her to the hospital and back home.

Yesterday was a sunny spring day. I woke up early and began packing my things to set off to my usual morning swimming. I was brushing my teeth when my wife came from behind, put her hand around my waist, leaned her head on my back and said,”Take me with you. I’m so tired from all these recent weeks. I want to relax so much. I think some swimming would do some good for me.” I said, “No problem, don’t forget to come to sauna and breathe well there. It will be helpful after your flu. Take your swimming stuff and lets go.” She wasn’t be able to find her one-piece swimsuit so she put on her bikini instead and asked me if it would be okay to show up like that in the sport club’s swimming pool. She was standing in front of me. Though she had lost some weight her breasts and buttocks were trying hard to jump out of the bikini limits. I imagined expressions on the faces of old ladies swimming around. Then I thought that the male swimmers might loose some speed because of certain protruding parts of their equipments. “Sure, it’s perfect,” I said briefly instead.

We drove to the club. I started swimming my usual morning mile in the bigger pool with cold sport water and she walked to a smaller warmer pool. An hour later we met at the club’s lobby and got back to the car. On the way back home I noticed that her morning sad mood dissolved, probably, washed away by pool’s water. A small smile flickered from time to time across her face. “How did your spa procedures go?” I asked. She said that she took a bit of swimming and then went to the Turkish sauna, she has always liked its hot steamy air inside, but it was out of work. Then she headed to a Finnish sauna. When she got inside there were several people, men only, that kind of guys who love that Finnish way to get their body hot, sweaty and relaxed. They sprinkled at the hot stones of the oven with aroma herbs potions. They started a small talk with my wife about how it’s good to be a fan of sauna. They were polite but joked a lot and giggled. I made a mental picture of my wife sitting in her bikini among several half naked men and how they tried covertly to eat her body with their eyes in the dim glow of the sauna light. When she stood up to leave they asked her to stay longer to try the oak leaves aroma. She walked out smiling. She said all her body and face had turned red as it was really hot there. I just smiled listening about her little spa adventure.

We came home and went to the bedroom to change our clothes after the sport club. My wife came to the window and closed the curtains. She was naked. I got hard on. We hadn’t had sex for several weeks. She came to me, placed her arms around my back, nearly on my buttocks, and pressed her belly against my hard penis. She said, “Let’s go to the bed.” We slipped naked under the sheet and began kissing. I barely brushed my fingers across her vulva and they got wet. “Common, don’t waist time, come to me”, she said. I didn’t need to be asked twice. I just headed my tool inside her welcoming pussy and started thrusting. She responded by pushing her low body towards me. I kept pushing her hard maybe for five minutes when she gave a loud pre-orgasmic moan and began her usual stormy orgasm: head shaking violently from side to side, shouting dirty words, thighs trembling and legs spreading wide, all this stuff. Only today’s storm was more robust than usual. I went on pushing her hard as she always asks, not asks, demands taking her hard when she is having her climax. In half a minute her body was still shuddering from time to time but less strongly and less often. Then we both got silent for a minute. I was about to start my pushing again but she said, “Wait a minute, put a condom, I don’t want you to withdraw, do it inside me.” I put on a condom, penetrated into her still sensitive post-orgasmic vagina again and went on my job, now for my pleasure. She stroked gently my buttocks. Her mood and stormy orgasm made my penis very hard. Less than in five minutes I had my own orgasm keeping my penis inside her. After I took off the condom it was heavy. We hugged each other and drifted in a happy after-sex nap.

No efforts were needed this time from my side, no foreplay to make my wife in the mood. It was a dimly lighted sauna with several strangers with half naked sweating bodies, their jokes and their invisible desire that women could feel easily …


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