My wife makes me a sex surprise.

As I wrote in my previous posts my sex life is far away from ideal. From time to time I and my wife have serious issues about it. There are two main causes that spark these issues. First we really have different level of sex drive nowadays. I tend to like to have sex every night but for my wife it’s a way too much. She prefers sex on weekends. Besides that she feels best for having sex in a daytime or late morning when she is fully awake. In contrast I get best aroused about 5a.m. when my level of testosterone is probably the highest. Another problem that we lack space and time for intimacy in the morning and day time. Our apartment has rather modest space. If we are in the mood to do our deeds our children could start knocking at our bedroom door asking some urgent questions like why whales can’t fly or why the Moon doesn’t fall on the Earth. My wife takes it rather calmly and keeps her composure but I have much problems with that. If I’m inside my wife thrusting her pussy any external sound can break my mood easily. Even the cat meowing and scratching at the door could challenge my erection easily and I need a lot of time to get my mood back or in other words to get my cock hard. A couple of months ago we had that issue about our not balanced sex life that turned in a rather hot argument. I said that I was sick and tired of not having proper night sex and that our daytime sex is not satisfactory to me because of lack of privacy. I was irritated and said that I didn’t need any sex at all. Finally we somehow calmed our emotions and could make up and talked how great was our sex life before our children were born. We agreed that we should find the way to have sex sometimes in a more private places. The day was over and we fell asleep. Next morning we went to our work as usual. It was the day before a public holiday and a long weekend was ahead so we were in a good mood. My wife had shorten working hours and it made her even in a better spirit. I was working as usual when just before my lunch time I got SMS message from my wife. It said, “I rented a a hotel room not far away from your office. Come and fuck me.” There were also details about the hotel. I quickly left the office and jumped in my car. The hotel was less than 10 minutes drive. It was really big with hundreds if not a thousand of good rooms. Nobody cared about your business here. So I quickly walked into an elevator and soon was on the room’s floor. As I was walking along the lengthy passages I already felt aroused. At last I came to the room’s heavy soundproofing door and knocked. “Who’s there?”, my wife voice asked. “It’s me.” She opened the door. She had no clothes on her, her hair loose along her body, the hairy triangle of her crotch shamelessly naked. There were an open bottle of champagne, a half empty glass and a box of chocolates on the table. The curtains closed tightly, the room in half darkness. We kissed and I quickly undressed. The bed was big, with white crisp sheets. No fore play was needed. I just put my dick inside her and started moving. The room immediately filled with squelching sounds typical for penetrating a very wet vagina. She was energetically pushing her crotch towards my cock, moaning and groaning. I hadn’t felt that hard on for months. We were absolutely alone and nothing could be heard outside the heavy door. Though anyway we didn’t care about it at that time. I turned her into a doggy position and fucked her for no less than ten or fifteen minutes in a quick pace. Then I pushed strongly my crotch into her buttocks so that she had to lie on her stomach, legs wide apart. I lay on her and went on, squeezing her tits with my left hand and her clit with my right one. After a while I turned her back in a missionary and continued penetrating her hard. All the process from the beginning was accompanied with dirty words and curses. No gentle words at all. I called her a dirty whore. There had been all the grounds for this accusation. She didn’t even mind it. More than this. “Yes, he had a great dick and fucked me hard!”, she responded. We were both totally sweaty. The sheet under her cunt was wet. She could not stand any longer, a couple of more clit’s stroking and she began coming very loudly. Het legs trembled. Her orgasm triggered my mind and here we are I pulled abruptly my dick out and poured all my stuff on her belly. An unusually a lot of stuff. After that we lay silently catching our breath, wet, sweaty and tired. We drifted into a nap. When I woke up it was time to finish my already lasting two hours lunch. I unwillingly got up and dressed up. I kissed my tired wife. It was time to get back in the office. I didn’t say good bye. Our day wasn’t over… She stayed in the room waiting when I would come back after my work. And I came back in the evening one more time …


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