Sex between a young man and a mature woman (case from the past)

       About twenty minutes passed. My tongue got numb and tired. My face is red from efforts and covered with saliva and discharges. But I keep doing, interrupting occasionally for a second to make a deeper inhale. It’s crucial to keep steady rhythm. Even more important to increase it and strengthen tongue’s pushes when I will see that the moment is coming. I say in my mind, “Common, baby, do it!” and dive face forward again. I’m twenty two,  the baby is forty. She has the most hairy pussy I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t know what a word shaving means. My mouth is full of her hair. They are tickling my nostrils and prickling my eyelids. I don’t complain. I had wanted to get into this bed and finally got here. 

Two months ago

I’m twenty two and just got a divorce from a short stupid marriage. I still feel miserable and devastated. Every morning’s hard-ons, lasting for twenty minutes and longer, don’t make me more calm. Intensive masturbation is of little help. My friend down there needs a good warm wet pussy. I go out often but the town is small and the women generally belong to two categories. They are either married or ugly. I go on my fruitless attempts to meet someone. One day I come into a bar and see two women. One is young and not my type. The other is much older, tall blonde with nice mature figure. I feel hardness in my pants. I have already told you I’m just twenty two and testosterone splashes from my ears. I ask for permission to keep them company. They give it. I sit down and we start talking. The blonde has just got a divorce. We have some common ground. She has no children. There’s an intelligence in her eyes. I like her more as I drink. She drinks white wine. I don’t know what her opinion about me. When the evening comes to the end I accompany her to her place. She invites me in for a cup of tea. While I’m walking upstairs I have a strong hard on. I haven’t had sex for months. I anticipate an adventurous night. We drink our tea. No sex. She doesn’t want it. I say goodbye politely and leave. I feel deeply disappointed. However in a week we meet again. No sex again. I go on coming to her place with chocolate, candies and white wine. She likes white wine and drinks as much as me. Sometimes she comes to my place. We have dinners and still sexless evenings. It lasts this way about two months. I’m tired and discouraged. I don’t get her point. One day I decide it’s my last visit to her. Enough is enough. We sit in the living room sipping our wine. She suddenly asks if I’m going home or stay for a night at her place. I don’t believe my ears. I say that I stay. She goes to the bathroom and returns wearing night gown. Now it’s my turn. I take a shower and carefully wash my hard on dick. I fold a towel around my waist and go to the bedroom. She’s already in the bed. I unfold the blanket and lie next to her. She’s naked. She has tits hanging rather down but round and big with big long and firm nipples which makes my dick even harder. There’s a surprisingly massive bush of pubic hair on her crotch. We start kissing. I lie over her. I feel strange, she’s much taller than my ex wife. Her tits fall down along her sides. I retrieve them back up and forward and press them with my chest. I hesitate I don’t have a condom. She understands and says that she’s clean and can’t get pregnant. I penetrate. Her vagina is bigger than I expect even though she has never gave a birth. We do it in a missionary and I can’t last long. I ejaculate and feel tremendous relief. We repeat it several times over night. I can’t understand if she has her climax or not. At the morning she confesses that she feels okay. She says she didn’t want to have sex with a man who is nearly twenty years younger than she. She says that she was even afraid to feel sick. I’m glad no vomiting has happened. 

We start have regular sex three or four times per week. I come to her place. We have dinner and go to the bedroom. Now we feel more relaxed and open during sex. I lay on her and do my deeds. Simultaneously I put my right hand down under her ass and wet my index finger in her vagina. After that I fumble my finger between her buttocks and find her hole. It’s big too. I put my finger a little inside. She instantly starts moving and swinging her ass showing that she likes it. Encouraged I put it at full length into her asshole and start poking back and forth, rotating and massaging her rectum. One day I do the same procedure but my finger meets, well, some stuff inside just at the very entrance of her anus. I instinctively hurriedly draw my hand aside. She gets what happened. She gets up and goes silently to the toilet. In a couple of minutes I can here a water flushing down. She returns and we go on. I put my finger back inside her asshole. This time without any brown surprises. Ones we try a cow girl position. But she’s tall and feels clumsily. We give it up, not our cup of tea. We try spoon position instead and it’s good. Once I fall asleep after sex with my dick still in her vagina. Often when I fall asleep before her she wakes me up in the middle of the night and asks whether I have come here to sleep. After that she  demands me to fuck her again. I do as I told. When I am on her in a missionary she demands to tell her when I start ejaculating in her. I say it and often right after my coming she gives me a rather heavy and painful slap across my buttock cheek, saying, “You are a mischievous boy!” She doesn’t like doggy but I insist. I stay on my knees and push her hard. Her buttocks are ample and wave sexually at each pushing. I spread her buttocks apart and can’t see her vulva. Instead I just see my penis drowning deeply in her dark black dense bush. But her asshole is dark brown, wrinkled and not hairy. I like it. When I push her ass her tits start swinging up and down bouncing off her belly with a loud clapping sound. She gets shy and confused and tries to stop her tits from jumping up and down with her hand. I take it that she finds this position, with her asshole open for observing and her tits dancing and clapping wildly, rather humiliating. It makes me only more hard on. 

Cunnilingus is her favorite. She had a fierce orgasm that way. But it’s “a long way to Tipperary”. From twenty to thirty minutes. It makes me exhausted.

Twenty minutes passed. My mouth is full of her hair. They are tickling my nostrils and prickling my eyelids. I don’t complain. I lick her clit. She makes her first slight move. I take the signal and boost my pressure. Next the storm follows. She doesn’t moan or says something. There’s no screaming. She grabs my hair tightly and painfully, not controlling her force and starts rubbing her cunt with my face. My nose pressed to her bushy smelly hole. Simultaneously she pushes her pussy into my face. She uses my face to rub her cunt as if she wipes her asshole with a toilet paper after shitting. It last maybe twenty seconds. Then she stops and I lie next to her and wipe my face with towel, thinking “Well, at last, baby, you’ve done it…”


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