Sex between a young man and a mature woman (case from the past)

       About twenty minutes passed. My tongue got numb and tired. My face is red from efforts and covered with saliva and discharges. But I keep doing, interrupting occasionally for a second to make a deeper inhale. It’s crucial to keep steady rhythm. Even more important to increase it and strengthen tongue’s pushes when I will see that the moment is coming. I say in my mind, “Common, baby, do it!” and dive face forward again. I’m twenty two,  the baby is forty. She has the most hairy pussy I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t know what a word shaving means. My mouth is full of her hair. They are tickling my nostrils and prickling my eyelids. I don’t complain. I had wanted to get into this bed and finally got here. 

Two months ago

I’m twenty two and just got a divorce from a short stupid marriage. I still feel miserable and devastated. Every morning’s hard-ons, lasting for twenty minutes and longer, don’t make me more calm. Intensive masturbation is of little help. My friend down there needs a good warm wet pussy. I go out often but the town is small and the women generally belong to two categories. They are either married or ugly. I go on my fruitless attempts to meet someone. One day I come into a bar and see two women. One is young and not my type. The other is much older, tall blonde with nice mature figure. I feel hardness in my pants. I have already told you I’m just twenty two and testosterone splashes from my ears. I ask for permission to keep them company. They give it. I sit down and we start talking. The blonde has just got a divorce. We have some common ground. She has no children. There’s an intelligence in her eyes. I like her more as I drink. She drinks white wine. I don’t know what her opinion about me. When the evening comes to the end I accompany her to her place. She invites me in for a cup of tea. While I’m walking upstairs I have a strong hard on. I haven’t had sex for months. I anticipate an adventurous night. We drink our tea. No sex. She doesn’t want it. I say goodbye politely and leave. I feel deeply disappointed. However in a week we meet again. No sex again. I go on coming to her place with chocolate, candies and white wine. She likes white wine and drinks as much as me. Sometimes she comes to my place. We have dinners and still sexless evenings. It lasts this way about two months. I’m tired and discouraged. I don’t get her point. One day I decide it’s my last visit to her. Enough is enough. We sit in the living room sipping our wine. She suddenly asks if I’m going home or stay for a night at her place. I don’t believe my ears. I say that I stay. She goes to the bathroom and returns wearing night gown. Now it’s my turn. I take a shower and carefully wash my hard on dick. I fold a towel around my waist and go to the bedroom. She’s already in the bed. I unfold the blanket and lie next to her. She’s naked. She has tits hanging rather down but round and big with big long and firm nipples which makes my dick even harder. There’s a surprisingly massive bush of pubic hair on her crotch. We start kissing. I lie over her. I feel strange, she’s much taller than my ex wife. Her tits fall down along her sides. I retrieve them back up and forward and press them with my chest. I hesitate I don’t have a condom. She understands and says that she’s clean and can’t get pregnant. I penetrate. Her vagina is bigger than I expect even though she has never gave a birth. We do it in a missionary and I can’t last long. I ejaculate and feel tremendous relief. We repeat it several times over night. I can’t understand if she has her climax or not. At the morning she confesses that she feels okay. She says she didn’t want to have sex with a man who is nearly twenty years younger than she. She says that she was even afraid to feel sick. I’m glad no vomiting has happened. 

We start have regular sex three or four times per week. I come to her place. We have dinner and go to the bedroom. Now we feel more relaxed and open during sex. I lay on her and do my deeds. Simultaneously I put my right hand down under her ass and wet my index finger in her vagina. After that I fumble my finger between her buttocks and find her hole. It’s big too. I put my finger a little inside. She instantly starts moving and swinging her ass showing that she likes it. Encouraged I put it at full length into her asshole and start poking back and forth, rotating and massaging her rectum. One day I do the same procedure but my finger meets, well, some stuff inside just at the very entrance of her anus. I instinctively hurriedly draw my hand aside. She gets what happened. She gets up and goes silently to the toilet. In a couple of minutes I can here a water flushing down. She returns and we go on. I put my finger back inside her asshole. This time without any brown surprises. Ones we try a cow girl position. But she’s tall and feels clumsily. We give it up, not our cup of tea. We try spoon position instead and it’s good. Once I fall asleep after sex with my dick still in her vagina. Often when I fall asleep before her she wakes me up in the middle of the night and asks whether I have come here to sleep. After that she  demands me to fuck her again. I do as I told. When I am on her in a missionary she demands to tell her when I start ejaculating in her. I say it and often right after my coming she gives me a rather heavy and painful slap across my buttock cheek, saying, “You are a mischievous boy!” She doesn’t like doggy but I insist. I stay on my knees and push her hard. Her buttocks are ample and wave sexually at each pushing. I spread her buttocks apart and can’t see her vulva. Instead I just see my penis drowning deeply in her dark black dense bush. But her asshole is dark brown, wrinkled and not hairy. I like it. When I push her ass her tits start swinging up and down bouncing off her belly with a loud clapping sound. She gets shy and confused and tries to stop her tits from jumping up and down with her hand. I take it that she finds this position, with her asshole open for observing and her tits dancing and clapping wildly, rather humiliating. It makes me only more hard on. 

Cunnilingus is her favorite. She had a fierce orgasm that way. But it’s “a long way to Tipperary”. From twenty to thirty minutes. It makes me exhausted.

Twenty minutes passed. My mouth is full of her hair. They are tickling my nostrils and prickling my eyelids. I don’t complain. I lick her clit. She makes her first slight move. I take the signal and boost my pressure. Next the storm follows. She doesn’t moan or says something. There’s no screaming. She grabs my hair tightly and painfully, not controlling her force and starts rubbing her cunt with my face. My nose pressed to her bushy smelly hole. Simultaneously she pushes her pussy into my face. She uses my face to rub her cunt as if she wipes her asshole with a toilet paper after shitting. It last maybe twenty seconds. Then she stops and I lie next to her and wipe my face with towel, thinking “Well, at last, baby, you’ve done it…”


My wife makes me a sex surprise.

As I wrote in my previous posts my sex life is far away from ideal. From time to time I and my wife have serious issues about it. There are two main causes that spark these issues. First we really have different level of sex drive nowadays. I tend to like to have sex every night but for my wife it’s a way too much. She prefers sex on weekends. Besides that she feels best for having sex in a daytime or late morning when she is fully awake. In contrast I get best aroused about 5a.m. when my level of testosterone is probably the highest. Another problem that we lack space and time for intimacy in the morning and day time. Our apartment has rather modest space. If we are in the mood to do our deeds our children could start knocking at our bedroom door asking some urgent questions like why whales can’t fly or why the Moon doesn’t fall on the Earth. My wife takes it rather calmly and keeps her composure but I have much problems with that. If I’m inside my wife thrusting her pussy any external sound can break my mood easily. Even the cat meowing and scratching at the door could challenge my erection easily and I need a lot of time to get my mood back or in other words to get my cock hard. A couple of months ago we had that issue about our not balanced sex life that turned in a rather hot argument. I said that I was sick and tired of not having proper night sex and that our daytime sex is not satisfactory to me because of lack of privacy. I was irritated and said that I didn’t need any sex at all. Finally we somehow calmed our emotions and could make up and talked how great was our sex life before our children were born. We agreed that we should find the way to have sex sometimes in a more private places. The day was over and we fell asleep. Next morning we went to our work as usual. It was the day before a public holiday and a long weekend was ahead so we were in a good mood. My wife had shorten working hours and it made her even in a better spirit. I was working as usual when just before my lunch time I got SMS message from my wife. It said, “I rented a a hotel room not far away from your office. Come and fuck me.” There were also details about the hotel. I quickly left the office and jumped in my car. The hotel was less than 10 minutes drive. It was really big with hundreds if not a thousand of good rooms. Nobody cared about your business here. So I quickly walked into an elevator and soon was on the room’s floor. As I was walking along the lengthy passages I already felt aroused. At last I came to the room’s heavy soundproofing door and knocked. “Who’s there?”, my wife voice asked. “It’s me.” She opened the door. She had no clothes on her, her hair loose along her body, the hairy triangle of her crotch shamelessly naked. There were an open bottle of champagne, a half empty glass and a box of chocolates on the table. The curtains closed tightly, the room in half darkness. We kissed and I quickly undressed. The bed was big, with white crisp sheets. No fore play was needed. I just put my dick inside her and started moving. The room immediately filled with squelching sounds typical for penetrating a very wet vagina. She was energetically pushing her crotch towards my cock, moaning and groaning. I hadn’t felt that hard on for months. We were absolutely alone and nothing could be heard outside the heavy door. Though anyway we didn’t care about it at that time. I turned her into a doggy position and fucked her for no less than ten or fifteen minutes in a quick pace. Then I pushed strongly my crotch into her buttocks so that she had to lie on her stomach, legs wide apart. I lay on her and went on, squeezing her tits with my left hand and her clit with my right one. After a while I turned her back in a missionary and continued penetrating her hard. All the process from the beginning was accompanied with dirty words and curses. No gentle words at all. I called her a dirty whore. There had been all the grounds for this accusation. She didn’t even mind it. More than this. “Yes, he had a great dick and fucked me hard!”, she responded. We were both totally sweaty. The sheet under her cunt was wet. She could not stand any longer, a couple of more clit’s stroking and she began coming very loudly. Het legs trembled. Her orgasm triggered my mind and here we are I pulled abruptly my dick out and poured all my stuff on her belly. An unusually a lot of stuff. After that we lay silently catching our breath, wet, sweaty and tired. We drifted into a nap. When I woke up it was time to finish my already lasting two hours lunch. I unwillingly got up and dressed up. I kissed my tired wife. It was time to get back in the office. I didn’t say good bye. Our day wasn’t over… She stayed in the room waiting when I would come back after my work. And I came back in the evening one more time …

The hot sauna

Internet is full of free advice how to make a woman hot in the bed. They tell how important to do a proper foreplay, clit stimulation, tease sensitive spots on her body and use appropriate sex positions and other stuff more or less relevant to fuelling a passion in the bedroom. All these things are important. But I take these advice a bit offensive towards women. As if they were compared with Pavlov’s dogs: Rub here, push there, polish her clit, observe the result. If it didn’t work, kiss her left breast’s nipple. If it didn’t help also, make a call to your dealer.

I believe great sex starts inside of our minds. In most cases your first move is to stimulate woman’s imagination. Create romantic atmosphere. Set a proper environment. Don’t be shy to show up her your desire. However, sometimes there are situations when circumstances are such that she is not into sex whatever you try. Her mind is just totally busy with different thoughts which block her desire. On the other hand, there are situations, the rare ones, when you don’t have to make any efforts to spark up a desire in her mind. The natural course of events makes it instead of you. I have faced both of the sides of the coin recently.

Life sometimes looks like the zebra, black stripes follow white ones. Recently my family have found ourselves crawling through a black stripe. My mother-in-law was taken to a hospital in a rather bad condition considering her old age. My wife immediately got under mental and physical pressure. Being deeply stressed about the mother’s health she had been splitting her time between the home and the hospital. In a week she began feeling bad too. She got a flu. Nevertheless she went on standing in the hospital at nights and coming back home in mornings to do everyday chores. A severe bug, the kind that causes high temperature and vomiting, that our youngest daughter caught shortly after that, was the icing on the cake. I did my best to help but it was a bit too much on my wife’s plate. Needless to say that our sex life got suspended for an uncertain time.

Several weeks passed. Mother in law began showing signs of improvement. The daughter recovered from her bug. My wife mostly regained her health back too though she had lost some weight and looked and felt mentally exhausted. I had taken a week off to help her at home and drive her to the hospital and back home.

Yesterday was a sunny spring day. I woke up early and began packing my things to set off to my usual morning swimming. I was brushing my teeth when my wife came from behind, put her hand around my waist, leaned her head on my back and said,”Take me with you. I’m so tired from all these recent weeks. I want to relax so much. I think some swimming would do some good for me.” I said, “No problem, don’t forget to come to sauna and breathe well there. It will be helpful after your flu. Take your swimming stuff and lets go.” She wasn’t be able to find her one-piece swimsuit so she put on her bikini instead and asked me if it would be okay to show up like that in the sport club’s swimming pool. She was standing in front of me. Though she had lost some weight her breasts and buttocks were trying hard to jump out of the bikini limits. I imagined expressions on the faces of old ladies swimming around. Then I thought that the male swimmers might loose some speed because of certain protruding parts of their equipments. “Sure, it’s perfect,” I said briefly instead.

We drove to the club. I started swimming my usual morning mile in the bigger pool with cold sport water and she walked to a smaller warmer pool. An hour later we met at the club’s lobby and got back to the car. On the way back home I noticed that her morning sad mood dissolved, probably, washed away by pool’s water. A small smile flickered from time to time across her face. “How did your spa procedures go?” I asked. She said that she took a bit of swimming and then went to the Turkish sauna, she has always liked its hot steamy air inside, but it was out of work. Then she headed to a Finnish sauna. When she got inside there were several people, men only, that kind of guys who love that Finnish way to get their body hot, sweaty and relaxed. They sprinkled at the hot stones of the oven with aroma herbs potions. They started a small talk with my wife about how it’s good to be a fan of sauna. They were polite but joked a lot and giggled. I made a mental picture of my wife sitting in her bikini among several half naked men and how they tried covertly to eat her body with their eyes in the dim glow of the sauna light. When she stood up to leave they asked her to stay longer to try the oak leaves aroma. She walked out smiling. She said all her body and face had turned red as it was really hot there. I just smiled listening about her little spa adventure.

We came home and went to the bedroom to change our clothes after the sport club. My wife came to the window and closed the curtains. She was naked. I got hard on. We hadn’t had sex for several weeks. She came to me, placed her arms around my back, nearly on my buttocks, and pressed her belly against my hard penis. She said, “Let’s go to the bed.” We slipped naked under the sheet and began kissing. I barely brushed my fingers across her vulva and they got wet. “Common, don’t waist time, come to me”, she said. I didn’t need to be asked twice. I just headed my tool inside her welcoming pussy and started thrusting. She responded by pushing her low body towards me. I kept pushing her hard maybe for five minutes when she gave a loud pre-orgasmic moan and began her usual stormy orgasm: head shaking violently from side to side, shouting dirty words, thighs trembling and legs spreading wide, all this stuff. Only today’s storm was more robust than usual. I went on pushing her hard as she always asks, not asks, demands taking her hard when she is having her climax. In half a minute her body was still shuddering from time to time but less strongly and less often. Then we both got silent for a minute. I was about to start my pushing again but she said, “Wait a minute, put a condom, I don’t want you to withdraw, do it inside me.” I put on a condom, penetrated into her still sensitive post-orgasmic vagina again and went on my job, now for my pleasure. She stroked gently my buttocks. Her mood and stormy orgasm made my penis very hard. Less than in five minutes I had my own orgasm keeping my penis inside her. After I took off the condom it was heavy. We hugged each other and drifted in a happy after-sex nap.

No efforts were needed this time from my side, no foreplay to make my wife in the mood. It was a dimly lighted sauna with several strangers with half naked sweating bodies, their jokes and their invisible desire that women could feel easily …

My first golden shower

My mother-in-law was taken to a hospital a week ago in a rather dangerous condition considering her age. So my wife is spending these nights in the hospital taking care about her mother, briefly coming home for several hours and returning back. She’s anxious, miserable and tired. I’m doing my best to help her. Nevertheless,  we somehow managed to have one quick sex initiated by her a couple of days ago (she probably just doesn’t want me to stay unsatisfied why I’m alone)  but today I want to write about another occasion of our sex life that happen about a year ago. It probably happened at last spring. We had a fantastic night at the beginning of the weekend. Then we did it again at an early morning. Then we found out that our desire wasn’t fed enough yet, the coming spring made our sex drive especially high, so we began a new round. Our children were out by that time, one daughter was in the school and the babysitter had taken another one to her place. The whole apartment was in our disposal what happens on a very rare occasion. So we couldn’t miss the chance and walked to the bedroom again. We felt absolutely relaxed and shameless. We had awesome sex and tried all the positions we hadn’t practised for a long time. Finally my wife got her great and very loud orgasm (thanks to the empty place) and it was my turn to come. I began to increase my pace thrusting her hard but no matter how hard I tried my climax didn’t want to appear on the horizon. Sometimes it happens when I have too much sex during the short period of time, nothing unusual, I’m a forty something old man. In this case my wife takes a lying position along me and begins stroking my penis gently, she puts her head on my shoulder and tells me something hot. It takes five or ten minutes and she manages to make a fountain out of my half hard dick. But not these time, no matter how hard we tried, nothing happened. For these cases we have another trick. We take 69 position, my wife above me, and she goes on stroking and sucking my penis while I move apart her buttocks, squeeze them and look at her hairy wet vulva and anus just inches off my face. So we proceeded that way. But I was probably enchanted too strong that time because my friend down there didn’t want to respond. We’ve been in 69 for a while, my wife stroked energetically and swayed her ass slightly from side to side teasing me. I looked into her private parts and was nearly on the verge but something was missing. I was about to tell her to take a break and relax when she stop swaying her and she stopped stroking me. She just stood for a seconds in 69 above me not moving, not doing anything, not speaking. I wanted to ask her what happened and opened my mouth. At that very moment a strong urine stream from my wife’s pussy hit in my face and exactly in my open mouth. Not a weak spray but the full force fountain which in a second made wet my face and  the pillow. “Drink” she ordered and I did several gulps. Her urine was extremely salty but I swallowed, it’s okay, it’s my wife urine. She pissed for several long seconds than she began stroking again. The moment she touched my dick I came. Not too much sperm, I had spend too much of it earlier but the orgasm was bright, it was my first golden shower I received from my wife. We took away the wet pillow to the laundry and lay laughing and joking in the bed enjoying by each other.

Getting on a new level of your sex life satisfaction takes time and maybe a piece of sexual magic

      I don’t say that one night stand or short term relations with a new partner are good for nothing. It could be thrilling and adventurous. No point to deny that when you are looking at a brand new person, naked and eager to have sex with you, it makes you particularly aroused. When your penis is slowly sliding inside its new warm home, when you learn for the first time how a woman’s voice sounds when she goes through her climax, you get astonished how unusually hard your penis is tonight. I personally adore to observe a woman, who I make sex for the first time with, standing in the doggy position in front of my shameless eyes and I am squeezing and pulling her butts slightly apart to see that desirable and defenseless at the current moment soft space. I love to feel her shyness of being watched by a new man, a stranger, for the first time. All vaginas, looking the same in general, have nevertheless their beautiful variations in their shape, color and especially scent. What could be more exciting than inhaling the aroma of a new wet pussy ready for taking your penis in?(of course nowadays the only home for my tool is my wife’s pussy but I’ve been around)
But I learned from my experience that truly hot things begin to happen in your sex life after you and your partner adjusted to each other for a longer period of time. Once in my late twenties I had been dating with a girlfriend for a year or so. By that time we had been meeting regularly and had sex three or four times per week. We practiced traditional missionary and doggy styles, sometimes she rode on me. Sex was good in general, maybe not perfect, but we awarded each other with enough sexual pleasure. One day we met at our friends place to celebrate the New Year. There were three couples and we had a lot of fun. Finally before going to beds our host put a porn tape on TV to play. We watched the movie for a while joking and laughing and then went to our beds. We felt enjoyed but tired. We did some quick sex trying not to make much noise and then we fell deeply asleep. We woke up early next morning. Something had changed between us. Some new sexual chemistry appeared. Even the air felt different. I don’t know what it was, New Year party or alcohol (though we didn’t drink too much). Maybe it was that porn that triggered some wild instincts inside us. 

My cock was ready to burst, I had never had such an erection before. My girlfriend had the same feeling . She was wet and wanted to fuck as if she had spent years solely on an uninhabited island. I crawled up on her and fucked her hard in a rough style, as if she was a whore, for maybe twenty minutes. She came several times covering her mouth with her palms to muffle her moaning. This time I whispered repeatedly, “Common, dirty bitch, do it! Open your battered cunt wide!” Finally her pussy, her butts and anus, bed sheets under her ass were greased with my sperm. We lay a little in the bed catching our breath and thinking about what had just happened. Then we got up, quickly dressed and moved to her place. After we walked in the apartment we undressed without words and walked directly into the bed. When we began to fuck we weren’t silent any longer. At that moment I suddenly grasped what had happened. We had lost our shyness. Totally. We could tell to each other any kind of dirty lustful things and we felt no shame. It went easy and naturally. We started talking about our most secret fantasies and desires. We were able to speak openly about our previous sex experiences without shyness. Instead of repeating endlessly dull missionary-doggy styles we began adding sexual plays. At that day she confessed me that she had had a fantasy of being gang banged by five men in a forest. So while fucking her I was telling her in a very detailed way how she got in a trap in a wood and was ordered to take the doggy position in the center of the circle of five men who forcefully had her many times by turn. She had an orgasm she never demonstrated me before. Next time we played that she was a prostitute in a brothel and she was satisfying a line of clients waiting their turn behind the door. She lay on the bed in the bedroom on her side, her back and naked ass to the door. I was waiting outside the door for her permission to come in. She then said, “Come in!” I walked in, lay along her and began fucking her from behind in a spoon position. After a couple of minutes I withdrew without coming and walked out of the room to start waiting behind the door. In some time she called briefly “Next!” I came inside and we did it all over again. We repeated it several times before having an orgasm and it made us horny as hell. Once in the morning I was laying on her and thrusting my dick inside. She said she wanted to go to pee. I responded that she could go there only with my penis staying inside her pussy and me following her. She stood up and I bent her upper body down and penetrated from behind. “Go!” And we walked with awkward short steps, my penis inside, to the toilet. There she sat down on the john and I put my dick into her mouth. She pissed and sucked at the same time. It was just a little number of fantasies and plays that we did. 

Our sex life changed completely. Of course, we didn’t do that stuff every time. Sometimes old good robust fuck in classical positions is all what you need to get your portion of happy sex. But after that New Year occasion our sex was never dull and boring. I believe this magical transformation of your ordinary sex life into relations that much more exciting and intimate is only possible when you have had sex with your partner for a rather long period of time. And you can’t reach it at a one night stand or a short relations. 

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Our sex drives change as time passes 

How to cope with differences in spouses sex drive. 
Nearly every night around 5 a.m. my testosterone level goes up and makes the piece of the blanket down to my private parts lift up. I wake up, full of sexual desire but my wife sleeps soundly next to me. I lie, watching the ceiling and contemplating my options. There are three of them here. I can try to go back to sleep. I can masturbate. I can wake up my wife and have quickie to my pleasure only. First, she won’t have her orgasm for she is very rare in the mood at nights. Second, her days for getting her climax usually happen on weekends. In other words, we neither have the same amount of sexual libido, nor our sex clocks are ticking synchronously. Even so, there’s sexual chemistry between us and we love each other and want to have regular sex. 

That’s just our sexual appetites have become different. But it wasn’t this way when we got married…

I believe most couples have the same issue. The only variety is to which extent this difference in spouses sexual desires comes out and how harmful it could be for your relations. 

I also believe that this difference in our sex drive is not something constant during our marriage life span.

When we begin dating and then get married there’s hardly any difference in our sex appetites. We are young and sexually hungry. We make sex every day or even several times per day. As time passes by, we become less passionate and find more appropriate balance in our sex life. Then the first child is born and our sexual life changes completely. Sometimes mothers are not interested in sex at all because they just don’t have enough energy. Sometimes it’s even worse, they get a depression. First sexual imbalances start to appear. Time goes on flying. We get used to each other and change physically. Unfortunately, rather often we become less interested in having sex together. But what is more important our sex drives drift away with different speed. Here we begin asking ourselves what happened, what we should do next, if it’s possible to refresh our sexual life at all.

My terrible first anal experience

We were in the middle of the process when she begged me to do it. It was solely her initiative. So far I neither hadn’t had any practical experience nor had felt any urge to do that thing. The room was tiny,  with the windows closed. After thirty minutes of physical activity the air was filled with body odors. Drops of sweat from our backs evaporated into the place. But the dominant smell was of a different nature. A wet pussy has its own smell. A man’s penis produces its own natural lubricant while massaging vagina. But the magic happens when  both of the liquids get rubbed into each other during the process of copulation. This blending breeds a brand new odor of a pure fuck, an odor of hungry sex drive. By that moment our bedroom was filled with that pungent smell. The sex drive was about at its maximum. She was standing on all fours in the doggy position. I was pushing and pulling back from behind. When the body of my penis was moving out, it dragged her inner labia outside her vagina. Her pussy was inflated with the tide of blood. We had been together for about two years and our sex life evolved from a dull sex in a missionary to the stage when I could shout while fucking her, “Do you like to suck men’s pricks, bitch? Answer me!” And she would said, “Yes, I like to suck their dicks!” Though it wasn’t a big deal because it was true. She loved to suck. Don’t get it wrong. It’s not that she liked to satisfy men by doing a blowjob. No, she just liked to scrutinize hard penises, feel them inside her mouth, weighing them in her palm, inhale their pungent aroma and lick their fore skin. It seemed like she envied that she herself didn’t have such a fascinating flexible toy which could grow that big or hang down, shrunken and weak after an orgasm. “Suck, suck, I want to suck it”, she turned her head at me. She freed her vagina from my penis, turned to me and still standing on all fours began sucking. Her eyes were closed, her cheeks bright red. Then she turned around into doggy again, lifting up her buttocks and lowering her upper body and head, demonstrating her sexual appetite. I leaned forward to her ass, spread her buttocks and began licking and kissing her ass, her vagina and the soft and wet skin between them. Her vulva was puffy and dark, filled with blood. She was eager to come. I stood up on my knees and took my penis preparing to put it inside. “In my ass, stick your dick in my ass!”, now she really was in her pre ecstatic state. I pressed the head of my tool into her hole. But it wouldn’t go any further. No surprise. Though I never fucked her into her anus, I was well aware of its shape and size perfectly well. Every time when we had sex I fingered her deeply. Sometimes I did it when we were doing it in missionary and I drilled her ass all the way until her orgasm. She loved to be stimulated simultaneously in both holes. Sometimes I put my finger in her ass during fore play while kissing her and she began moving her buttocks back and forth showing her pleasure and trying to encourage my action in her anus. Besides my fingers had had some previous encounters with other women’s anuses and I learned that her asshole was rather small and tight in comparison with other back doors. I would even have to put some efforts to get my finger passed inside her asshole. Though she never complained about any pain. Therefore this time I knew that my dick was hard and big and getting inside her anus would be going a taugh job. In the absence of any previous experience and useful theoretical knowledge, I decided to choose the most simple approach. Believing that my penis is greased enough with our natural liquids I pressed my penis tightly to her asshole, fixed her body holding her hips firmly with my hands and forced my dick inside. Yes, I managed to stretch her sphincter wide and my dick slid all the way inside her rectum…

In an instant my ears went deaf, so loud her shriek was. She leaped forward with such a charge as if I had put inside her asshole a live high voltage rod instead of my dick. It was a miracle that she didn’t hit the wall with her head. She jumped from the bed still shrieking, her palms squeezing her ass and rushed into the bathroom. I was stunned and confused still standing on my knees. My penis was quickly deflating and hung down limply. I followed into the bathroom. She was squatting on her heels in the bathtub, showering her anus with cold water. “Hurts like fire, god dam it, what a pain!,” she kept repeating, tears were rolling down her face that was distorted from pain. I came up and sat on the side of the bathtub trying to do my best to calm her down. In about half an hour the pain began going. We came back to the bed and hugged each other. There was no more sex at that night of course. Luckily her sphincter wasn’t ripped but still she pooped painfully for two weeks after that night. And we never tried anal sex again. 

Several years later I had a betterMy second anal experience . Here is a good guide how to do it properly, safely and painlessly How to make first anal sex properly

How I ruined my birthday night 

God damn it! I and my wife have such a different sex drive and sexual appetite that all our sexual life and sexual harmony often goes to hell. That makes me feel miserable. The day before yesterday was my birthday. It was okay in general. After we woke up in the morning, my wife and children congratulated me and gave their presents. We had our breakfast in a good mood and went to our works. I finished early in the afternoon and drove to a shop and bought a lot delicious food and a couple of bottles of quality alcohol drinks. When my wife came back home we laid the table and had a perfect family dinner. After that we went to our bedroom. My wife started to watch a movie and I lay in the bed. I wasn’t too drunk but slightly tipsy and wanted to have a nap. So I drifted into sleep. When I woke up it was about midnight. The flat was quiet. Children were asleep. I felt I a romantic mood and wanted my wife, I was hard and horny. But the movie, she had watched, was over and she herself fell deeply asleep. She lay next to me and breathed deeply and calmly. I new that would sleep that way until the very morning. I was bitterly disappointed. I read a little, stirred for a while in the bed. I didn’t want to wake up. In the middle of the night she had low or nearly no sex drive. So I could make my quickie to get my orgasm but I didn’t enjoy that prospect. So I went to the bathroom, fill it with warm water and dipped inside. I lay for a while, contemplating about the difference in our sexual clocks and mismatches in our sexual chemistry, and masturbated to releas the sexual tension. Then I took a sleep pill and got back to the bed. As I had supposed, my wife woke up late in the morning just before the alarm clock and tried to hug me and stimulate my penis for a quickie. But I was sleepy and still felt resentment for a waisted night. So I said, “I’ve already taken a bath, masurbated and took the sleeping pill. So sorry, but my night sex party is over. ” She tried to stroke my penis anyway and kept pulling it to her pussy. But I said that I see no difference between a five minutes quickie and masturbation. Now she went mad, jumped out of the bed and run into the bathroom. I follow her and tried to apologize for my stupid and cruel words. But she began accusing me in getting drunk and falling asleep too early and that my sexual desire every night is abnormal because we are not a newly wedded couple.  Our fight escalated and lasted for twenty minutes but after that we somehow managed to make up. Not completely, there were still bitter feelings in both of us. She went to work and I left half an hour later. The whole day dragged slowly and I had a heavy feeling on my heart. When we came back home we neither quarreled nor spoke a lot. After my supper I went to the bathroom and took a bath reading a book. In twenty minutes my wife came in, sat on the toilet and did her pee. Then she ruffled lightly my hair and asked permission to get in the bath with me. But I wasn’t in the mood and said that I’m going out. Before bed I got the sleeping pill again and quickly drifted off. In some time my wife tried to wake me and make sex. “The children are asleep, let’s fuck!”, she whispered. But I was terribly groggy because of the sleeping pill and just drifted away again. In the morning she woke me up early and began stimulating. I was still sleepy but climbed on her and began thrusting into her pussy. My penis was limp, I felt nothing. I persevered for long twenty minutes before I could reach my orgasm. Also it was difficult to call a proper orgasm. I felt nothing, no climax or positive emotions. My sperm just poured on her stomach and that was over…

Sex in the forest (the last summer occasion) 

Most of us live our lives according established routine patterns. Our daily activities, commutes and other events of our life are designed by our life styles. That means we repeat a certain circle of things the same way everyday. It may be good for some things but it definitely does harm to others. For example, take our sex life. If you make sex exactly on schedule every Saturday evening at 11 p.m.  then sooner or later it will be turned in boring routine hardly bringing much sexual satisfaction and joy. On the other hand, try to remember your feelings when you had sex  not according your daily routine, for example, on vacation at a hotel or in a locked compartment of a long distance train. Making love in such unusual places somehow brings us fresh emotions and make our feelings more passionate and intense. Here is some ideas about unusual places to have sex, byt don’t take them too seriously. You can produce your own better ideas. My sexual appetite begins suddenly growing while I walk with my wife in a forest. On summers weekends we often go out to our small wooden summer house a hundred miles off from the city. The house is surrounded by a genuine wild forest. There are mooses and wild hogs at the forest who sometimes come several hundred feet close to the house. The air is thick with oxygen and wonderfully fresh in comparison with the city. The ground is covered with a thick layer of old dry grass and feels like a gigantic mattress decorated with bright red berries. When I’m walking along with my wife around this place my sexual appetite begins growing quickly. A strange strong intimacy fills the air and a special sexual chemistry between the partners begins to produce. Once in the morning of  the last summer we went to walk around. We took some food, fresh water and I put a light blanket in the bag. The weather was fine; The sun was bright on clearings but the air under the canopy of pines was cool and refreshing. It was a beginning of the summer so there wasn’t any mosquitoes in the air. We walked about half a mile into the forest and I noticed a suitable place half encircled by low bushes. I stopped and hugged my wife from behind and started kissing the back of her neck, grabbing and squeezing her tits. She turned to me and I slid my hand down and squeezed her pussy. It was absolutely wet. We just had started our fore play so her pussy just hadn’t enough time to get so soaked. That meant my wife got in the mood from the beginning of our walk and were looking forward for a fuck. I spread the blanket on the grass and ordered her to undress. I took off my clothes quickly and helped my wife to get rid of her bra and panties. We stood for a while kissing and grouping each other. Then I ordered her to stand into the doggy position. We usually begin in a missionary because it’s more comfortable for initial penetration but that time I wanted to start from doggy; She was so wet that there wouldn’t be any problem with entering. I was very hard and she began moaning the very moment I got inside. I worked my dick inside and out forcibly. Her oozing wet vagina made that specific squishing sounds which I so love to hear. I was afraid to get my orgasm too early because I was already on the verge of my climax. I put my glistening penis out and asked her to lie on her back. We proceeded in missionary. The feeling of fucking completely naked, outside in the forest, made us both absolutely crazy. There was a risk that someone could walk past us and see what we were doing. This thought made our minds feel especially lustful. My wife started stimulating her clit and before long she made a tremendously loud and energetic orgasm. Her vagina barely finished its spasms as I started coming too. I hardly managed to withdrew my dick and released my cum onto her stomach. We were both surprised by the amount and density of it. Then we just lay down silently, naked and tired and completely satisfied, listening to the sounds of the forest. 

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Spontaneous sex is the best one 

Our sex life pattern is early morning sex on weekdays and late morning sex on weekends. Sometimes there are rare exceptions but in general our sex life goes this way. The pattern has been built up as a result of our everyday life circumstances and my and my wife sexual physiology. But I know from my personal sex experience that best sex happens when you don’t plan it and it happens spontaneously. Yesterday I came from my work slightly tired, had my dinner and lay on our bedroom with a glass of red wine to read a little on my Mac. My wife was busy with some home chores for a while and walked in and out of our bedroom wearing only tiny half transparent negligee. Her ripe tits were half open and teased me moving up and down as she walked by. Finally she finished her chores and came back to the bedroom and lay down very close to me. She asked me for a sip of red wine and then her hands twisted around my neck and body. I knew that she felt horny. Feeling that, my sexual appetite began growing too. We began kissing. I brushed lightly her pussy and my fingers became wet with her vagina secretion. She said, “I want you.” “I want you too!”, I replied. “Let’s go to the bathroom and do it.” We took a blanket and retreated to our bathroom which serves very often as our sex heaven when we want to have the absolute  privacy. There was some sexual chemistry in the air yesterday because we both felt aroused. We didn’t do a long foreplay. I squeezed her buttocks and kissed her nipples which turned firm and dark; The blood filled them hard. The strong sexual chemistry began flowing through the air. My penis slid inside her cunt and we began fucking. She was wet, I was firm. It didn’t take long, in less than five minutes she got her orgasm which was good. I went on thrusting her with my dark purple dick while she was having her climax. Soon after her my turn came and I released my sperm on her hairy crotch, my body twitching together with the spasms running through my penis. We lay on the blanket exhausted and fully satisfied. After we came back to the bedroom we fell asleep immediately and slept deeply through all the night. I woke up refreshed and during the next two morning hours we did twice again. 

So if you want to refresh your sex life, do it sometimes spontaneously and here some advise about it Ways to make spontaneous sex

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