How I ruined my birthday night 

God damn it! I and my wife have such a different sex drive and sexual appetite that all our sexual life and sexual harmony often goes to hell. That makes me feel miserable. The day before yesterday was my birthday. It was okay in general. After we woke up in the morning, my wife and children congratulated me and gave their presents. We had our breakfast in a good mood and went to our works. I finished early in the afternoon and drove to a shop and bought a lot delicious food and a couple of bottles of quality alcohol drinks. When my wife came back home we laid the table and had a perfect family dinner. After that we went to our bedroom. My wife started to watch a movie and I lay in the bed. I wasn’t too drunk but slightly tipsy and wanted to have a nap. So I drifted into sleep. When I woke up it was about midnight. The flat was quiet. Children were asleep. I felt I a romantic mood and wanted my wife, I was hard and horny. But the movie, she had watched, was over and she herself fell deeply asleep. She lay next to me and breathed deeply and calmly. I new that would sleep that way until the very morning. I was bitterly disappointed. I read a little, stirred for a while in the bed. I didn’t want to wake up. In the middle of the night she had low or nearly no sex drive. So I could make my quickie to get my orgasm but I didn’t enjoy that prospect. So I went to the bathroom, fill it with warm water and dipped inside. I lay for a while, contemplating about the difference in our sexual clocks and mismatches in our sexual chemistry, and masturbated to releas the sexual tension. Then I took a sleep pill and got back to the bed. As I had supposed, my wife woke up late in the morning just before the alarm clock and tried to hug me and stimulate my penis for a quickie. But I was sleepy and still felt resentment for a waisted night. So I said, “I’ve already taken a bath, masurbated and took the sleeping pill. So sorry, but my night sex party is over. ” She tried to stroke my penis anyway and kept pulling it to her pussy. But I said that I see no difference between a five minutes quickie and masturbation. Now she went mad, jumped out of the bed and run into the bathroom. I follow her and tried to apologize for my stupid and cruel words. But she began accusing me in getting drunk and falling asleep too early and that my sexual desire every night is abnormal because we are not a newly wedded couple.  Our fight escalated and lasted for twenty minutes but after that we somehow managed to make up. Not completely, there were still bitter feelings in both of us. She went to work and I left half an hour later. The whole day dragged slowly and I had a heavy feeling on my heart. When we came back home we neither quarreled nor spoke a lot. After my supper I went to the bathroom and took a bath reading a book. In twenty minutes my wife came in, sat on the toilet and did her pee. Then she ruffled lightly my hair and asked permission to get in the bath with me. But I wasn’t in the mood and said that I’m going out. Before bed I got the sleeping pill again and quickly drifted off. In some time my wife tried to wake me and make sex. “The children are asleep, let’s fuck!”, she whispered. But I was terribly groggy because of the sleeping pill and just drifted away again. In the morning she woke me up early and began stimulating. I was still sleepy but climbed on her and began thrusting into her pussy. My penis was limp, I felt nothing. I persevered for long twenty minutes before I could reach my orgasm. Also it was difficult to call a proper orgasm. I felt nothing, no climax or positive emotions. My sperm just poured on her stomach and that was over…


Sex in the forest (the last summer occasion) 

Most of us live our lives according established routine patterns. Our daily activities, commutes and other events of our life are designed by our life styles. That means we repeat a certain circle of things the same way everyday. It may be good for some things but it definitely does harm to others. For example, take our sex life. If you make sex exactly on schedule every Saturday evening at 11 p.m.  then sooner or later it will be turned in boring routine hardly bringing much sexual satisfaction and joy. On the other hand, try to remember your feelings when you had sex  not according your daily routine, for example, on vacation at a hotel or in a locked compartment of a long distance train. Making love in such unusual places somehow brings us fresh emotions and make our feelings more passionate and intense. Here is some ideas about unusual places to have sex, byt don’t take them too seriously. You can produce your own better ideas. My sexual appetite begins suddenly growing while I walk with my wife in a forest. On summers weekends we often go out to our small wooden summer house a hundred miles off from the city. The house is surrounded by a genuine wild forest. There are mooses and wild hogs at the forest who sometimes come several hundred feet close to the house. The air is thick with oxygen and wonderfully fresh in comparison with the city. The ground is covered with a thick layer of old dry grass and feels like a gigantic mattress decorated with bright red berries. When I’m walking along with my wife around this place my sexual appetite begins growing quickly. A strange strong intimacy fills the air and a special sexual chemistry between the partners begins to produce. Once in the morning of  the last summer we went to walk around. We took some food, fresh water and I put a light blanket in the bag. The weather was fine; The sun was bright on clearings but the air under the canopy of pines was cool and refreshing. It was a beginning of the summer so there wasn’t any mosquitoes in the air. We walked about half a mile into the forest and I noticed a suitable place half encircled by low bushes. I stopped and hugged my wife from behind and started kissing the back of her neck, grabbing and squeezing her tits. She turned to me and I slid my hand down and squeezed her pussy. It was absolutely wet. We just had started our fore play so her pussy just hadn’t enough time to get so soaked. That meant my wife got in the mood from the beginning of our walk and were looking forward for a fuck. I spread the blanket on the grass and ordered her to undress. I took off my clothes quickly and helped my wife to get rid of her bra and panties. We stood for a while kissing and grouping each other. Then I ordered her to stand into the doggy position. We usually begin in a missionary because it’s more comfortable for initial penetration but that time I wanted to start from doggy; She was so wet that there wouldn’t be any problem with entering. I was very hard and she began moaning the very moment I got inside. I worked my dick inside and out forcibly. Her oozing wet vagina made that specific squishing sounds which I so love to hear. I was afraid to get my orgasm too early because I was already on the verge of my climax. I put my glistening penis out and asked her to lie on her back. We proceeded in missionary. The feeling of fucking completely naked, outside in the forest, made us both absolutely crazy. There was a risk that someone could walk past us and see what we were doing. This thought made our minds feel especially lustful. My wife started stimulating her clit and before long she made a tremendously loud and energetic orgasm. Her vagina barely finished its spasms as I started coming too. I hardly managed to withdrew my dick and released my cum onto her stomach. We were both surprised by the amount and density of it. Then we just lay down silently, naked and tired and completely satisfied, listening to the sounds of the forest. 

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My second anal sex experience

Well, I’ve already written about My first anal experience. It was terrible. Now it’s time to tell about a better case. It happened when we were married for a year or two; I was in my thirties and my wife in her twenties. She was very slim with gorgeous long dark brown hair. (She’s beautiful nowadays too but with much more voluptuous figure.) During an intercourse she could reach her orgasm only once but it was the most bright and strong kind of orgasm that I had ever seen. It was just a beginning of our marriage so we had arguments from time to time. Not too often but we had them. We just moved to a bigger city and rented a small but cozy apartment. I worked long hours including Saturdays so I came late and my wife sometimes was bitter upset because of it. One day she called me asked when I was going to get back home. Her voice was strange. She sounded tipsy. She was never much interested in alcohol and had always drunk next to nothing. So I asked her what happened. She said she felt lonely and drank some brandy. I got worried so I finished my work and went home. When I came home she was very drunk and there was a half empty bottle of brandy on the table. I knew that half a bottle was a very strong dose for her. The result came quickly. She began feeling dizzy. Shortly after that she began throwing up. I was very angry but I did the best what I could; I brought her water and took her to toilet and back in the bed. It lasted several hours, finally she began feeling better and was able to fell asleep. Surprisingly she slept not too long and when she woke up she felt much better. She was very sorry and felt guilty. At the same time she felt strong lust, probably as a consequence of drinking alcohol. I had already forgiven her. She said that she wanted to make sex. We caressed and kissed each other for a while and then she said that she wanted to get my dick into her ass. I refused because I didn’t want to take advantage of her drunkenness. And I remembered my first negative anal sex experience several years ago. But she just stood up and walked to the kitchen. When she came back there was a bottle of olive oil in her hand.  She lay on the bed and poured oil on my dick and rubbed it in the skin of my penis. Then she did the same thing with her asshole. She lay on her right side, I was behind her. She took my penis and directed it into her asshole. I must confess my penis was 100% erected by that moment. So I began pushing inside slightly, being ready to retreat at any second and still feeling hesitant. To my surprise the head of my penis slipped through her sphincter easily. My wife showed no signs of discomfort. I felt encouraged and went on pushing. After the head of my dick was inside it was much easier. The rest of the penis’s body just fully dipped into my wife’s ass. The feeling of being inside woman’s ass was new, strange and different. It was not like inside a vagina. When you dick is inside a woman’s pussy it’s pressed by it from all sides. When I inserted my penis into my wife’s asshole, its top part felt no pressure, there was much more space in my wife’s ass than in her pussy. On the other hand her anal ring pushed the base of my dick more tightly than her vagina could do it. I started moving my dick back and forth slowly at the beginning and getting more and more encouraged with every stroke. I was so excited being inside woman’s ass for the first time that I couldn’t last long. In a couple of minutes I felt a tremendous orgasm and poured a gigantic portion of sperm inside my wife’s ass. Then I waited for several minutes until my penis turned soft and small and took it slowly out of my wife’s asshole. We had to put a towel between her asscheeks to stop the sperm oozing from her ass.  I felt a little bit guilty afterward but the orgasm was great and it was worth it. And there wouldn’t happen any bad consequences for my wife ass too. 

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Great sex on the last week

All last week my wife spent at home being on a leave because of our daughter’s cold. It changed my schedule too. Because usually I drop my wife to her office and after that I go to my fitness club. Last week however I went lazy and slept long being unable to move early from our bed and my wife’s hairy hot cunt. So it changed our sex life pattern for a while. My wife usually has her orgasms on weekends. But last week we had more time to feed properly her pussy too. We did it twice every day. First one in early morning hours we did it for me. She was sleepy and I just fucked her for about ten minutes and come on her belly. Then we slept until about 8.30 a.m., wake up and at that time I first tended carefully her pussy. The best sex was on Thursday morning. The day before I had invited my wife to a cooking school for a master class. We had a great time there, we cooked and ate together some delicious food, we drank good red wine. The atmosphere was very warm and friendly. Doing pleasant things together increases sex drive in both spouses. We came home satisfied and tired and fell asleep hugging each other right at once. We woke up in the morning still being in a romantic mood. We began kissing, teasing our sexual appetite. I took my wife to the bathroom, dropped a blanket on the floor. I touched her vulva and understood that there was no need to play with her any longer; Het vagina was very wet and hungry. So put my wife on her back and energetically penetrated inside. The feeling of her wet and hungry cunt was absolutely perfect. We both began moving, she spread her legs wide and began masturbating. She reached her orgasm in a couple of minutes, I got my orgasm just a minute later. The sex and climax was great. 

So if you want to make your spouse in mood and experience a great orgasm, forget about sex positions. Make it romantic instead. Here some good ideas how to increase your wife’s sexual drive Romantic ways to improve your sex satisfaction

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She had an orgasm this morning 

There are spouses or pairs who both have orgasms every time they make sex. Unfortunately it’s not the case of my sex life. That’s why when my wife gets her orgasm I feel different and have much deeper sexual gratification. Yesterday our daughter got a cold so today my wife took a leave for several days to take care about our child. Since I usually drop my wife at her office we were able to stay longer at bed. When the sun rose and lit up our bedroom we woke up and began cuddling, kissing and touching each other’s intimate places. Our daughter woke up too and was not far away so we went to our bathroom to have some privacy. We took a big soft blanket, dropped it on the bath floor and lay on it. We kept kissing and hugging. I asked her to put a contraception suppository into her vagina so I could come inside. We don’t use it often, I usually withdraw. But this morning I wanted to have a brighter orgasm. I complained her about my miserable orgasms and we decided to have less sex at the next week to become hungry by the next weekend. Meanwhile I put penis into my wife and began my work. We kept kissing and speaking dirty talks. In several minutes she reached her hand down and started stimulating her clitoris. I lift my upper body up a little to give her more space for caressing her little hot thing. I kept pushing hard inside her vagina and she worked on her clitoris. In several minutes she began makng loud moans, her head began moving from side to side, she spread her legs wide and up and began doing chaotic moves with her thighs and feet, looking straight into my eyes and saying bad dirty words. Her orgasms are always strong, loud and bright and very vibrant. Then she went calm and I lay on her for a while not moving and letting her catch her breath. Then I began to fuck her energetically again and she began telling me dirty things about having sex with other men to make me feel hot and jealous. It worked and I ejaculated into her hard. This time it was good. So my real sex life is not that bad as I sometimes think.

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Twice a night but with poor orgasms

In spite of rather frequent sex I can’t boast that my personal sex life has a perfect harmony. Tonight I fucked my wife twice, first in the night and second in the morning. We woke around 2 a.m. and made a quickie. I didn’t use condom so I   withdraw and came on her stomach. And in the morning she began jerking my penis which ended in full sex. I had to put on a condom so there was no need to pull out. Unfortunately in both times my orgasms were weak, flat, without bright sensations and emotions. I have had this issue with my orgasms for several years. I don’t experience good fulfilling satisfaction any longer. And that makes my real sex life miserable. I think there are many reasons here which cause this problem. First we got used too much to each other. Second I’m aging and my ability to experience bright orgasms declines. Then I think I have too much sex and it would be probably better to make it less frequent. And the last but not least our daily routine and absence of romance make our sex life boring. 

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A big argument two weeks ago 

Our sexual life is far away from ideal. We are both like sex. But our sexual needs have differences. I’ve read recently that an average pair of our age has sex about one time per week which is too rare for me. I have an erection and a desire every night. For my wife one or two times per week is more suitable. We have two children and a disabled mother in law living with us so my wife has enough chores to do before the bed time. And when she goes to bed she falls asleep the moment her head touches a pillow and she’s usually fast asleep until the very morning.  So she prefers to have sexual activities over weekend in the morning and at a daytime. As a result I often find myself lying on the bed in the middle of the night with my cock erected and full of unsatisfied desire and with my wife sleeping deeply next to me. That really makes me feel bitter. We had discussed the issue several times but we could do little to change our sexual life patterns. The same thing happened two weeks ago on Friday. I was lying in our bed awake thinking about our sexual imbalances, my wife was sleeping next to me. The working week was tough so I had drunk a good portion of alcohol at the dinner to relax and that made my emotions run high. At one moment my wife woke up and tried to get closer to me. But I rejected her move in a rather cruel way and started criticize her attitude to our sex life. I was cruel and unfair but I couldn’t stop myself. Our conversation quickly escalated into a severe fight. My wife broke in tears. We both felt empty and devastated. We made it up in the morning and had good sex over the weekend. The next week my wife tried to do her best at nights and I felt ashamed for my Friday drunk night fury. 

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