Twice in the morning 

Our average sex per week is too high. It’s about 8-10 times. I know that many men even much younger than me make it not so often. I think they are right. Quantity doesn’t mean quality. Well, every time in the beginning of the new week I promise myself to slow my sex life down and keep off my wife’s pussy at least until the end of the week. It would make our sex like more fresh and vibrant. My orgasms could be stronger and brighter, my erection harder. And every time I break my promise. Yesterday I felt tired in the evening and fell asleep unusually early at 9.30 p.m. I woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep. I stirred from one side to another but insomnia didn’t want to go away. My wife was fast asleep, her breath deep and calm. I couldn’t tell the same about my penis. By 6 a.m. it was hard. Finally I began stroking my wife’s body tenderly. She felt my moves and opened her eyes. She knew what I needed. “Wait a second I need to go to pee,” she whispered. When she got back in the bed she took off her panties and spread her thighs. She was still sleepy so I quickly climbed on her and put my tool inside. I began pushing her in a forceful energetic way and concentrated my mind on pleasant feelings that my penis received  inside my wife’s vagina. Soon I came outside on my wife’s stomach. Now I felt sleepy and my insomnia finally retreated and I fell asleep relaxed and satisfied. We woke up again at half past eight and I had more than an hour before going to work. So we began kissing and hugging, my wife took my penis in her hand and began stroking it. Than we moved to the bathroom which often serves as our sex refuge. There’s a high wide mirror here and my wife likes to look at it when we make love. So I threw a blanket on the bathroom floor. We took off our underwear, kissed and hugged. I wanted to put a condom because I like to come inside my wife and don’t like to withdraw because it kills half the pleasure of my orgasm. But she asked me to start without condom because she likes to feel bare skin of man’s penis inside her pussy. So she lay on her back and spread her legs and I penetrated. I started moving my dick back and forth and she began stimulating her clit. It took some time for her to come close to her orgasm.  To help her do her business I asked her to imagine two lovers in a hotel room making love , imagine a sound of man’s penis squeezing inside and out of a woman, imagine a scent of man’s penis and woman’s vagina secretions mixed together. At that moment she made her loud orgasm. I waited a little then drew my penis out and put on a condom on it. Then I retrieved it back inside my wife and began my way to the orgasm. My wife helped me by moving her vagina towards my dick and telling dirty talks. So I didn’t last long and came staying inside. After that we took a bath and helped each other to take a shower and wash our heads. The new day started good. 

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After the weekend 

If you want to keep your sex life in good condition, don’t forget to stay romantic with your spouse. On Sunday we did some home chores in the morning and at the afternoon we went out to the center of the city. We did a great romantic walk through the old streets looking at buildings of beautiful architecture of 18th and 19th centuries. Then we walked into a cafe and treated ourselves with delicious desserts, good coffee and fresh juices. After getting home we got into the bed tired but in a good mood. We slept deeply through all the night. I woke up at 6a.m. My penis woke up too and was ready and eager to attack my wife’s vagina. My wife was steel asleep. But I couldn’t wait. I moved closer to her and began stroking her body and squeezing her buttocks. She woke up at once and just took off her underpants and spread her legs opening her wet hairy cave and indicating her readiness to treat her husband. I quickly put on a condom and dipped my dick inside. I knew that my wife was too sleepy to get her own orgasm so the fun was all mine only. I worked for five minutes maybe and released my sperm into the condom. Then wiped my dear wife pussy and lay next to her, she curled into my hands and we fell into a sleep again. But that wasn’t the end. We woke up again in two hours. My wife is still on her leave until Wednesday and my working starts at 10.30. So we had some times on our hands and we decided to use it properly. This time my wife was active and awake and said that she wanted to come. So we escaped to the bathroom, quickly brushed our teeth. My wife sat on a toilet and pissed. Then she took a birth control suppository and lay on her back on a blanket and put it inside her vagina. I lay next to her pussy and began licking gently her clit. She began moaning immediately for I had done it last time pretty long ago. Soon I got my body over my wife who lay in missionary position and penetrated. Then she began stimulating her clit. Nowadays it’s the main way how she comes. I fuck her, she stimulates it. So we proceeded our usual way to lead her to her orgasm. She was close to her climax but couldn’t reach it. So I leaned over her ear and began speaking. 

-“Imagine a very young man with a very hard cock. Imagine that you are riding him hard.”

The moaning became louder. 

-“Imagine, he’s coming inside you, but you go on riding him hard more and more to the moment when he can’t stand it. Then you get off from him and see his dick which is now dark red, soft and weak. You turn the man on his side and put your finger deep inside his ass and begin massaging him and … ”

And exactly at this moment a loud moaning she did and began her usual loud orgasm. Soon after that my penis began trembling and spitting sperm inside my wife. That was a great feeling to  release inside your wife’s bare cunt. I cleaned both of us with a towel, kissed her and began preparing for going to the work. 

Here are some advice how to make your sex life more romantic

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We have sex during her days

Well, the weekend is over and I’ll write what happened. Some couples stop their sex life when a wife has her period. I woke up on Saturday at about 8 a.m. and reached to my wife who was still asleep. I got an erection and wanted to have sex with her. So I began touching her everywhere. I put my hand down on her crotch and found out that she had her underwear on. Since she usually sleeps without underpants with her pussy naked and ready for my penis it could mean only one thing; her days had begun. They were late this time and my wife even began being anxious about it. I was a little bit upset because I wanted my wife and now most likely I was going to have sexless weekend. Her first day is usually very painful and we go on our sex life on her third day or later. That began exactly this way; In a hour or so she got a terrible pain at the low part of her stomach. I brought her painkiller pill and she took it and in half an hour she felt much better and in about an hour the pain was gone. We got up, had our breakfast and did some home chores. I went to the bathroom and began shaving. In some time my wife came in, hugged me and said that she wanted me. The irony is that my wife has the maximal sexual appetite exactly at first days of her menstrual cycle after that it begins declining . So if she feels okay and doesn’t have pain we make sex. I have no issues with having sex when my wife’s vagina is bleeding. I love my wife no matter what, love her pussy, her ass. Two or three times I fucked her into her back door. So we are both open about it and have no complexes about having sex life during her days. I asked her if she was sure that that would be comfortable to her. She confirmed and brought a blanket and spread it over the bathroom floor, we closed the door and began kissing, hugging and grabbing each other at our intimate places. She began breathing heavily so I wouldn’t wait any longer and we lay down on the blanket. I climbed over her and inserted my penis deep inside my wife, she moaned. I went on kissing and hugging her and began my moves back and forth. We both began to tell dirty things. I moved my upper body a little bit up and my wife started stroking her clitoris. My wife is a slow player, though most women need enough time to reach their climax. So I went on doing my business in her vagina and she was stroking her clitoris very hard. I began telling her a very dirty fantasy about her having sex with another man. It worked and she gave me a lustful crazy look and began moaning, half shouting, pushing me with her cunt and fussing with her feet trying to get all the pleasure from her orgasm. She experienced her climax for fifteen or twenty seconds and then relaxed on the blanket. Now it was my turn. I pounded her hard with my dick sliding in and out her wet menstruating cunt. She told some dirty thing and I couldn’t hold it any longer, I pulled my red penis out and released my sperm onto her stomach. Then I took a towel and carefully cleaned my wife’s speed legs and her pussy. Then we lay for a while hugging each other and resting after a good fuck. 

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Morning sex

We slept deeply all the night. My wife woke up before me around 6 p.m. which is a bit unusual because she’s a longer sleeper than me. She moved closer to me, hugged me and began kissing me. At the same time she began stroking my penis and my balls. I got a good erection in no moment. I climbed on her, kissed her and pushed my penis inside her. I slowly began pushing in and out. My wife stroked and squeezed my buttocks. Then she began moving her crotch up towards my penis and speaking dirty talks and teasing me that many men have bigger penises and stronger erections. I couldn’t last too long and ejaculated on her stomach. She didn’t have an orgasm. She usually doesn’t come at early morning since she needs several hours to wake up fully and become in the mood for good sex and orgasm. But after our argument two weeks ago she’s trying to do her best to satisfy me at nights and early mornings to fix up our sexual life. 

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