My second anal sex experience

Well, I’ve already written about My first anal experience. It was terrible. Now it’s time to tell about a better case. It happened when we were married for a year or two; I was in my thirties and my wife in her twenties. She was very slim with gorgeous long dark brown hair. (She’s beautiful nowadays too but with much more voluptuous figure.) During an intercourse she could reach her orgasm only once but it was the most bright and strong kind of orgasm that I had ever seen. It was just a beginning of our marriage so we had arguments from time to time. Not too often but we had them. We just moved to a bigger city and rented a small but cozy apartment. I worked long hours including Saturdays so I came late and my wife sometimes was bitter upset because of it. One day she called me asked when I was going to get back home. Her voice was strange. She sounded tipsy. She was never much interested in alcohol and had always drunk next to nothing. So I asked her what happened. She said she felt lonely and drank some brandy. I got worried so I finished my work and went home. When I came home she was very drunk and there was a half empty bottle of brandy on the table. I knew that half a bottle was a very strong dose for her. The result came quickly. She began feeling dizzy. Shortly after that she began throwing up. I was very angry but I did the best what I could; I brought her water and took her to toilet and back in the bed. It lasted several hours, finally she began feeling better and was able to fell asleep. Surprisingly she slept not too long and when she woke up she felt much better. She was very sorry and felt guilty. At the same time she felt strong lust, probably as a consequence of drinking alcohol. I had already forgiven her. She said that she wanted to make sex. We caressed and kissed each other for a while and then she said that she wanted to get my dick into her ass. I refused because I didn’t want to take advantage of her drunkenness. And I remembered my first negative anal sex experience several years ago. But she just stood up and walked to the kitchen. When she came back there was a bottle of olive oil in her hand.  She lay on the bed and poured oil on my dick and rubbed it in the skin of my penis. Then she did the same thing with her asshole. She lay on her right side, I was behind her. She took my penis and directed it into her asshole. I must confess my penis was 100% erected by that moment. So I began pushing inside slightly, being ready to retreat at any second and still feeling hesitant. To my surprise the head of my penis slipped through her sphincter easily. My wife showed no signs of discomfort. I felt encouraged and went on pushing. After the head of my dick was inside it was much easier. The rest of the penis’s body just fully dipped into my wife’s ass. The feeling of being inside woman’s ass was new, strange and different. It was not like inside a vagina. When you dick is inside a woman’s pussy it’s pressed by it from all sides. When I inserted my penis into my wife’s asshole, its top part felt no pressure, there was much more space in my wife’s ass than in her pussy. On the other hand her anal ring pushed the base of my dick more tightly than her vagina could do it. I started moving my dick back and forth slowly at the beginning and getting more and more encouraged with every stroke. I was so excited being inside woman’s ass for the first time that I couldn’t last long. In a couple of minutes I felt a tremendous orgasm and poured a gigantic portion of sperm inside my wife’s ass. Then I waited for several minutes until my penis turned soft and small and took it slowly out of my wife’s asshole. We had to put a towel between her asscheeks to stop the sperm oozing from her ass.  I felt a little bit guilty afterward but the orgasm was great and it was worth it. And there wouldn’t happen any bad consequences for my wife ass too. 

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